Thursday, June 17, 2010

Enduring The Heat

Around the garden the flowers are feeling the stress of this late Spring heat....
In the mid ninety degrees, we have to water everyday.
No more blooms on the Clematis, just the remaining canes, which promise new growth next season.

Peter Rabbit standing guard at the pond
Blue Salvia

Day lilies Stella d'Ora

Rose of Sharon


Lambs Ears




George said...

Your garden still looks good, in spite of the heat. We're battling the heat up here as well. Hopefully we'll get some relief soon.

DJan said...

We haven't even seen 70 degrees yet, here in Bellingham, and you are sweltering! I guess I will take the rain and cool weather, since I don't do well in the heat. Thanks for the beautiful pictures!!!

Maura @ Kisiwa Creek Photography said...

Hello Jo! You're a bit hotter than us over here in Kansas although with the humidity it feels like we're in a sauna. I hate humidity! Your garden looks your rabbits and your potting shed too. Everything looks so lush and colourful even though it's so hot. Thanks for stopping by was so nice to 'see' you. I'm enjoying your blog...your photo's are just gorgeous. I especially love the photo's of England. I imagine you miss home...I've never lived there and only went over after finding my sister in 91 but those two visits have caused me to fall in love with the country. I've always loved England as my Mum and her parents and my Dad's Mum were all from there but to go there and be a part of it for 3 that was WONDERFUL! Thank you for sharing your homeland with us and bringing back happy memories for me too. Have a wonderful Thursday....Maura :)

Susan Freeman said...

I am in love with your adorable potting shed! I have one too, but yours is cuter. I'll be happy to send you some cooler temps. I had to turn on the furnace again today and tonight the low is supposed to be 43 degrees. I might have to wear my flannel pajamas again. I hope that it cools off a bit for you. I so enjoyed your garden tour!!

Susan and Bentley

Unknown said...

Oh your plants look great, but the watering daily does get old doesn't it?!

Sciarada said...

Hi, I love Beatrix Potter, I love yours flowers, I love your blog.

MadSnapper said...

the heat certainly has not hurt any of your beautiful plants OR that wonderful shed. the shed is a perfect decoration for a perfect garden.

Barbara Anne said...

Beautiful photos!

Heat and humidity here, too. The rains that have fallen all around us didn't give us more than a woefully few drops with no rain in the 10 day forecast either. We'll be watering and watering. The veggies and flowers are worth it!


Jill of All Trades said...

Wonderful. Clematis is one of my fav plants.

Patsy said...

Thanks for the walk in your garden

Winifred said...

Your garden is doing well despite the heat. Lovely flowers.

Today we had a gorgeous sunny summer day about 70F. Not enough of these though.

Keep up the watering, it's well worth it.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Your garden and all of the beautiful flowers still look GREAT --regardless of the heat and humidity...

Glad you got rain today though.

Carol said...

I don't mind the heat too much (currently mid to high 90's). It's the humidity (sometimes stinky) that just wears us out.
If you get into Nashville fairly soon you have to visit the Frist. Chihuly glass and V&A costumes. Fabulous.