Wednesday, August 21, 2019


Tom-Tilly is not a happy camper.
She took a trip to her veterinarian today, in order to get an allergy problem resolved.
It completely stresses her out, being out of her comfort zone, and to add insult to injury two shots in her bum before she's finished.
I'm in the cat house.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Little Moreton Hall

An amazing piece of historic architecture stands proudly on display in my home county of Cheshire, England.

Little Moreton Hall is arguably the finest half-timbered manor in England.
Built by Sir Richard de Moreton around 1450.
This spectacular like a fairy-tale manor, protected by a narrow moat. The house is built around an inner courtyard, reached through a projecting gatehouse. At the far side of the courtyard is the great hall, built by Sir Richard de Moreton around 1450. To the left are service wings, and to the right a chapel and solar, or private quarters for the lord and his family.