Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009

Flew the Coop....

Nary a goodbye wave, nor forwarding address; Larry, Daryl and Daryl ventured out into the big
wide world today.
The last I saw of them, they were flying awkwardly across the new Spring grass, their mum screaming frantically behind.
I could have swore I saw her covering her eyes, with her wing !
Stay safe my little friends .........

Sunday, April 26, 2009

" The Renee Award"

"The Renee Award"

It is one of the most meaningful awards in blog world because it honors someone who is incredibly inspirational in her intelligent and witty writing.

By doing so, this award celebrates women's smart, strong and inspirational spirit! It honors women who spread joy and love like an Acorn......a small package growing into a tall and sturdy oak tree which gives more acorns..............

I am so honored and excited to receive this award from my dear bloggy friend Carol over at

Thank You my dear friend, you are truly one talented and sweet lady !
If you want to be entertained, amused, amazed or simply love the written word, then pop on over to Carol's'll be all of the above !

In true "share the love" style, I am passing this award along to the following fellow bloggers, who inspire and delight me, with every visit to their blog.

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These ladies have such wonderful, entertaining, and varied blogs.

They make my" daily popping in to visit" list everyday..... pay them a visit, you'll see why !

Sharing the Love...

Earlier on in the week, I was presented with this new award from my fellow blogger Jane over at she has a fabulous blog, and is one well-traveled lady !
Pop on over and give her a visit, you'll be delighted.

Thank you Jane, I am truly humbled ...

The rules are: Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.

Pass the award to 5 other blogs that you've newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

Here are my 5 favorites that you really should visit if you haven’t already discovered them:

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Pay them a visit, you'll be glad you did !

Family Portrait..

Growing like little weeds....

Friday, April 24, 2009

Update on the Babies....

The three baby Robin's, Larry, Daryl and Daryl have all of their feathers now, and virtually spilling over the edge of their nest.
I'm sure it won't be much longer before they'll be trying out their new wings.
I've padded the porch floor with thick towels, in the event they tumble head first, out of their cozy little abode.
I'm doing my best to keep all cats, at bay......

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fixing the Car....

Just as I's goin cost ya.

Looks like the "cat" alytic converter.......

Monday, April 20, 2009

Reclaiming the Land

Lately dear husband has been working on trying to reclaim the land, at the back of the property.
Woods have laid dormant for who knows how many years, and the undergrowth is thick and impassable.

The main problem are the numerous piles of dead trees, some of them choked with invasive poison oak and ivy vines.

There is a wet branch running through the back of the land. Deer, wild turkeys, fox, and coyotes have all depended upon it for survival.
It has become blocked with fallen trees, and we are faced with cleaning and restoring it, so it is functionally sound once again.

Undergrowth filled with poison oak

Building a new workshop.

Hoping for lots of new birdhouses when finished :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mrs. Robin Has Done a Fine Job !

Mother Robin's eggs have hatched ....

Not the best picture I'm afraid, but I wanted to get as close as I dared, and show the new arrivals......
All three eggs have hatched, one of the babies, was hiding beneath the other two.
I've named them Larry, Daryl, and Daryl :)

Mother robin
On the nest.
Warm blue eggs
Beneath your chest.

Baby robins
Hatch, hatch, hatch.
Call for food
Dad goes to catch.

Father robin
Brings food back.
Open beaks
Stretch for their snack.

Poem by James Danielson

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

In Memory of Willie Cat....

Until we meet again.....

Yesterday evening, my faithful and beloved cat Willie left this earth......

He was 19 years old, and his absence has already left a huge hole in the lives of those who were privileged enough to know and love him.

One day in the future, we will all meet at the Rainbow Bridge, to once again be reunited.
Until that day, I will hold your memory close to my heart...
R.I.P. sweet Willie cat.
I have added the story of Willie as an afterpost to the original post. I am just now able to speak of him ;(
Willie and I first met, when he was brought into the veterinarian's office at which I worked, the victim of a Tom-Cat attack.
He had been bitten at the base of his tail, and instead of his owner seeking medical attention, he allowed him to "heal in his own time".
Heal he did NOT.
Instead, dreaded blow-flies had seized the opportunity, and laid their offspring inside the wound,when Willie finally had his chance at seeing a vet, he had suffered terribly, and was paralyzed in his hind quarters.
The owner's told Doc to put him to sleep, they didn't think he could be saved, nor was all the money, needed to be spent on him, worth it.
Boy, were they ever wrong !
Doc , asked if they would be willing to sign him over to us at the clinic, rather than euthanizing him, and they agreed.
Willie cheated death that day, only by the kindness and compassion of a professional, who saw more in him, than a crippled cat, with NO future of ever being perfect.......
But Perfect to us, he WAS !
Day after day, Willie gained back his strength. We would allow him to run around the clinic and exercise his deteriorated muscles, which in time, would carry him at Warp Speed up and down the hallways.
The damage to his spinal cord had left him incontinent, and therefore we were constantly cleaning behind "his drippy faucet", as we called it.
We didn't care how many leaks we had to wipe up, just so long as Willie gained back his strength, and was able to live a happy and comfortable existance.
In turn, he became the "clinic cat", a blood donor when needed, and always fullfilled his obligation, in a gentle manner.
He was a true gentleman.
Many an injured pet, have Willie's life-blood to thank, for their recovery.
In 2006 my veterinarian became ill, and so the practice had to be closed.
This left a dilemma, since we had two cats, and a dog, who permanently lived in the clinic.
I had two cats of my own, and my daughter had six cats, two dogs, and a rabbit. Quite a menagerie between the two of us.
We decided to take the animals from the clinic, and take them home.
Willie still had to live in a huge cage, though daily, we took care of him, spent time with him, walked him on his leash, and gave him all the love and comfort, and old pet deserved.
He was content to sleep most days, arthritis had taken a toll on his little body.
He had lost weight, and I had to have most of his teeth removed, but other than that, he was still the sweet, loving gentleman , he had always been.
We laid him to rest, under the Bluebird house, alongside his fellow kitties, beneath a bed of daffodils.
He will be missed with a passion.......
Farewell my faithful friend >^..^<
Credits: Poem by Paul C. Dahm. Music : Kerry Muzzey. Flash Animation: Terri Pike

Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Glory....

"The year's at the Spring,
And day's at the morn;
Morning's at seven;
The hill-side's dew-pearled;
The lark's on the wing;
The snail's on the thorn;
God's in his Heaven -
All's right with the world ! "
Robert Browning ; The Year's at the Spring.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Blessings To You This Easter...

Easter ....

A special time to share a family meal, enjoy the fun of Easter egg hunting, a time to worship together, and a time to rejoice.

Wishing you all a blessed Easter.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Appalachia : A History of Mountains and People.

The Appalachia's mountains are some of the oldest in the world and feature one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet.

The area has seen massive exploitation of both people and nature in the name of the industrial revolution.

Beginning on Thursday 9th April 2009 at 8:00PM a new four-part series premieres, on Nashville Public Television , our local affiliate of the Public Broadcasting Corporation; and continuing for the next three Thursdays.
Appalachia: A History of Mountains and People, travels through time and terrain to uncover the depth of the Appalachian story. Academy award -winning actress Sissy Spacek narrates.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Friday, April 3, 2009

White Ironstone Pitchers...

Love white ironstone pitchers.......

There is something so pure and genuine about their look and feel.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Renewed Birth......

This was the porch wreath several weeks ago.........

This is the modified version.....

Mrs. Robin added some of her own touches.......

Here's the reason why......

The next day...........

She's been a busy little bird....