Friday, April 3, 2009

White Ironstone Pitchers...

Love white ironstone pitchers.......

There is something so pure and genuine about their look and feel.


Betsy Banks Adams said...

They are beautiful, Jo...

Did you escape the horrible weather yesterday???? I hope so...We didn't have anything but some much, needed rain.

Have a wonderful weekend.

donna baker said...

While scrolling down your beautiful blog I was wondering, would you ever lead a tour group around England. Maybe a riding tour. That would be grand. Of course, I would want to meet the Queen too, I'm her biggest fan.

Winifred said...

They do look lovely, especially against the dark wood.

Patsy said...

I do love ironstone pitchers.I have some small ones.I like to use for cream when we have guest for breakfast. They just say cold milk.

Rue said...

I just love it too! Sadly I only have one piece of it and it's the off-white wheat pattern, not the fabulous kind you pictured here.

Thank you for the sweet words about Alex and also about the old home. I don't know who owns it and there's no hope of anyone fixing it, as it is not for sale. I don't have the kind of money it would take to fix it myself, but I would love to.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Carol Murdock said...

All of your photos are beautiful Josephine, everything looks so Springy.I hear your expecting Snow Monday? Will Winter it ever end?


A Brit in Tennessee said...

Betsy...had horrible winds and rain Friday, but nice Saturday. Maybe snow Monday ?

Donna, now there's a thought !

Winifred, thank you I enjoy using them, especially with a bunch of freshly picked flowers.

Patsy, my main milk pitcher is also antique white ironstone, they do keep the milk cold !

Rue, thank you for stopping by, I just love your blog !
The new (old) home is coming along nicely, you have put your soul into that place already :)

Carol, I try to put a little visual into the post, I think it makes it far more interesting..
I've been following your ghost story...ooooohhhh

Linda Collison said...

I like all your old pots, crocks, baskets and stuff.