Monday, April 20, 2009

Reclaiming the Land

Lately dear husband has been working on trying to reclaim the land, at the back of the property.
Woods have laid dormant for who knows how many years, and the undergrowth is thick and impassable.

The main problem are the numerous piles of dead trees, some of them choked with invasive poison oak and ivy vines.

There is a wet branch running through the back of the land. Deer, wild turkeys, fox, and coyotes have all depended upon it for survival.
It has become blocked with fallen trees, and we are faced with cleaning and restoring it, so it is functionally sound once again.

Undergrowth filled with poison oak

Building a new workshop.

Hoping for lots of new birdhouses when finished :)


Jeannette StG said...

Looks your hubby is doing a lot of work on your land right now. I'm signing up for a birdhouse LOL

donna baker said...

Jo, we have had the same problems with the encroaching woods. With two major ice storms since 2001, we still have fallen trees and branches. It is a fire hazard and what with all the wildfires... I am terribly allergic to poison ivy et al but my husband can handle it without a problem. That is really the only way to clean it all up; one stick at a time. Neat shop you are building.

Carol Murdock said... will be so rewarding when its all cleaned! You'll have a new place to visit! Keep us updated?

mary evelyn said...

i would love to someday live in the midst of all that wildlife. when i was kid, i would have given my big toe to have at least one good climbing tree in our yard. we lived in a relatively newly built neighborhood that had those starter trees, and nothing bigger.

one of these days, though, i'm going to have a house with a climbing tree. said...

We have a section of our property like that too.We used to have all woods,but mother nature dropped alot of our trees 15 years ago.We cleaned up some,but the other section is terrible with more fallen trees from ice storms.I keep telling myself it provides the wildlife an undistrubed place to go...phylliso

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Jeannette, I have a "thing" for bird houses, and my DH loves them also, so I'm hoping to get new ones in the near future.

Donna, DH has returned to the house three times now, and covered in poison oak. Despite the glove wearing, he seems to come in contact. I don't help ;)

Carol, I'll post more pictures, as the work makes progress.

Mary Evelyn, lol. You get that tree someday girlie :)

Phylliso, there is still lots of underground, and cover for the deer and wildlife. We are just cleaning up a little at the front, around the workshop.
It was one of the rules !(I made )lol

Unknown said...

Wonderful! Which is why I left something for you on my blog today. Enjoy!

I think it's in the second post...

Winifred said...

My that does look like a lot of hard work. My husband hates just cutting the grass, he'd have a heart attack if he had to face all that work.

Best of luck. Look forward to seeing it when you've finished.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

How neat to have that land, Jo... Hope you all can get it cleaned out... Love the shed also...

We are glad to be home.. It was a wonderful trip --just getting to see my son and family. BUT--the weather was horrible. Oh Well!!!!

I'm going to check through some of your older blog posts.

George said...

You are both very ambitious to clear the land back there. I'm sure the 'critters' will appreciate a better flow of water once your finished. All that cleared land will give you lots of places for birdhouses.