Thursday, March 30, 2017

March Hare Madness

A new March Hare for the garden.
Looking regal and dignified

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Two of my favorite things.
Cats and cottages.

Monday, March 27, 2017


Is it just my imagination or does Oliver cat favor the Mona Lisa ?


Tuesday, March 21, 2017


The timber frame cottage is an iconic part of the English landscape and a reminder of England’s great building time when carpentry and craftsmanship was at it’s finest.
I can only imagine gazing out of my kitchen window, and seeing this quaint little potting shed at the bottom of the garden .....
Purely magical.
To see more of these fairytale buildings visit :   Here

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Dulce Domum " Sweet Home "

The weather has turned chilly and wet, a dreary early March day.
We may have a dusting of snow today, but nothing like the weather they are predicting for those north eastern states. My heart goes out to those affected.
I have errands to run but I'm opting for a nesting day.
A place in front of the hearth, surrounded by the tea kettle singing on the hob, slippers warming by the fireside, and a portly cat or two purring by my side.
A time to daydream.

"What a ripping little house this is! Everything so handy! "

~Mole's house: Wind in the Willows

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Spring Forward

This Saturday evening our annual clock fiddling takes place once again.
An hour forward to Daylight Savings Time, payback for that extra hour of sleep, we enjoyed so much back in November.

We awoke this morning to a winter wonderland.
Soft, wet snowflakes, blanketing the ground, cocooning us in a world of silence.
No accumulation, it's as if Mother Nature took her powdered sugar shaker, and gave the landscape a sprinkling.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Bargain Hunt

A baker's-dozen........... pots of blooming Tulips.
All had been marked down to a mere $1.25 a pot.
Each individual pot holds three huge bulbs, all beckoning to be planted in the warm, fertile soil of Spring.
We may have to wait a little longer, since snow is in the forecast for this weekend.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Glug Glug Glug


Are you familiar with Gluggle Jugs ?
Gluggle jugs are fish-shaped water jugs, and so named for the delightful glug, glug, glug sound that it makes when you pour.

Gluggle jugs were first made in England in the 1870s and became increasingly popular after they were given as a gift to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip in 1958. When filled with liquid, air is trapped in the fish's tail. As that liquid is poured out again, the air is gradually released and produces the famous gurgling sound.
At one point in time they were popular advertising pieces for Plymouth Gin.

They can be used as water jugs, wine carafes, or simply a whimsical way to display flowers or utensils.
And are always a conversation starter, around the table.

You can see it in action here :

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Bloomin' Loverly

My sweet daughter treated us to several boxes of her Daffodils and Iris plants yesterday.
A mixture of yellow and white blooms, and the Iris are pot-luck, as they haven't bloomed yet.
Most of these varieties were happily living deep in the woods, so we're keeping our fingers crossed they'll feel right at home amongst our trees.


Friday, March 3, 2017


Upon returning home from errand-running yesterday,  I scheduled a visit to my latest little farmhouse chic boutique, that lies along the route.
Just as the word Serendipity explains a 'fortunate happenstance'.......
The store owner had packed her little cottage full of spring merchandise,  I couldn't  have been more delighted.

Mason Jar lights
Fragrant Lavender Wreaths

Pretty Little Needlepoint Pillows.
And Cheeky Southern Chalkboard Quotes
I think I may have more errands to run next week


Thursday, March 2, 2017

Springing To Life

I found myself running an unexpected errand today, to the big city of Nashville.
It's a bustling, noisy city, full of all that cities have to offer, and has the ever present influence of the Country Music industry.
The antebellum-style mansion of President Andrew Jackson lies within view along my route, the fields are green with new growth, and the surrounding farms are home to flocks of new Spring lambs.
Is there anything sweeter, than a field full of Spring lambs prancing about their mothers.

Young Lambs

The spring is coming by a many signs;
The trays are up, the hedges broken down
That fenced the haystack, and the remnant shines
Like some old antique fragment weathered brown.
And where suns peep, in every sheltered place,
The little early buttercups unfold
A glittering star or two - till many trace
The edges of the blackthorn clumps in gold.
And then a little lamb bolts up behind
The hill, and wags his tail to meet the yoe;
And then another, sheltered from the wind,
Lies all his length as dead - and lets me go
Close by, and never stirs, but basking lies,
With legs stretched out as though he could not rise.

~John Clare

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Tennessee And Tornadoes

It's been a morning filled with thunderstorms, winds, and tornadoes dancing all around. The rain was needed, the other elements we can do without.
Tornado season is once again upon us. The Tennessee Valley is under the dreaded "Tornado Warning".
My husband tells me that tornadoes were a rare occurrence in these parts when he was a boy, nowadays, it's a given from early Spring through late Fall.

We've seen lots of trees down, roof damage, but fortunately no loss of life.
The next couple of days severe thunderstorms and possible tornadoes are forecast, not only for Tennessee but most of the surrounding states.
Be safe, adhere to the warnings, have an emergency plan in place.

I puddle up the neighborhood
I make the postman mad
I wake the worm and spank the frog
Sleeping on his lily pad
And when the tulips in their beds
Nod happily, it's true
I shake the petals of their hands
And say, How do you do.

Footnote :
Two tornadoes touched down in our county and the adjacent one. Gratefully, no one was injured, just lots of property damage.
Thank you for your thoughts and well-wishes.

Sunset after a day of mayhem.