Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Tennessee And Tornadoes

It's been a morning filled with thunderstorms, winds, and tornadoes dancing all around. The rain was needed, the other elements we can do without.
Tornado season is once again upon us. The Tennessee Valley is under the dreaded "Tornado Warning".
My husband tells me that tornadoes were a rare occurrence in these parts when he was a boy, nowadays, it's a given from early Spring through late Fall.

We've seen lots of trees down, roof damage, but fortunately no loss of life.
The next couple of days severe thunderstorms and possible tornadoes are forecast, not only for Tennessee but most of the surrounding states.
Be safe, adhere to the warnings, have an emergency plan in place.

I puddle up the neighborhood
I make the postman mad
I wake the worm and spank the frog
Sleeping on his lily pad
And when the tulips in their beds
Nod happily, it's true
I shake the petals of their hands
And say, How do you do.

Footnote :
Two tornadoes touched down in our county and the adjacent one. Gratefully, no one was injured, just lots of property damage.
Thank you for your thoughts and well-wishes.

Sunset after a day of mayhem.



local alien said...

Wow, YOU keep safe! What do you do if a tornado comes your way? Do you have a cellar or shelter?

donna baker said...

Looks like a wall cloud to me. I think your husband is right. TX, OK and Kansas used to be tornado alley. Then it seemed to move to AR and MO and now to the southeast. I sure hope this won't be a bad season. We had strong winds last night. Be safe. That being said, I have never known anyone that has been hit by a tornado.

Rian said...

Do be safe. If that tornado warning sounds, go into a center bathroom or closet (if you don't have a cellar - we certainly don't here).

A Brit in Tennessee said...

local alien : We do not have a shelter or safe room, although we do have a center closet, and that's where I would hide.

Henny Penny said...

Jo, I sure hope you folks don't get a tornado, or any damage. That front is headed our way with the greatest chance of a tornado, hail, and wind damage between 7:00 and 9:00 tonight. Growing up in NC, I never heard the word "tornado". We just got a regular thunderstorm occasionally. The weather has changed over the years.

Notes From ABroad said...

We get them here in Northern Florida and I am terrified every time. One of the main reasons I am not going to remain living here.
I am in a condo, no basement, and an upstairs .. I would probably hide in the garage, or in the downstairs bathroom which is also under the staircase. For some reasons, when houses get hit by tornados, staircases are often left standing !
But mostly, I will pack up my life and my cats and go back to NY :)
Stay safe !!

ariverflowsby said...

love the poem.

DJan said...

I wonder about the frequency of such terrible weather. Has it really increased or is communication bringing it to our notice more? I think it's both, myself. Stay safe, Jo! :-)

Patsy said...

It skipped over us this time but got hard rain.
By afternoon sun was shining. Where we did live they got it bad.

L. D. said...

Yes, right after a stormy day the sunsets can be so calm and beautiful. I know a lady who lost her husband and she left his boots out back on the porch after he died. I am sure they are still there today. It is an interesting shot of the two sets of boots.