Wednesday, April 15, 2009

In Memory of Willie Cat....

Until we meet again.....

Yesterday evening, my faithful and beloved cat Willie left this earth......

He was 19 years old, and his absence has already left a huge hole in the lives of those who were privileged enough to know and love him.

One day in the future, we will all meet at the Rainbow Bridge, to once again be reunited.
Until that day, I will hold your memory close to my heart...
R.I.P. sweet Willie cat.
I have added the story of Willie as an afterpost to the original post. I am just now able to speak of him ;(
Willie and I first met, when he was brought into the veterinarian's office at which I worked, the victim of a Tom-Cat attack.
He had been bitten at the base of his tail, and instead of his owner seeking medical attention, he allowed him to "heal in his own time".
Heal he did NOT.
Instead, dreaded blow-flies had seized the opportunity, and laid their offspring inside the wound,when Willie finally had his chance at seeing a vet, he had suffered terribly, and was paralyzed in his hind quarters.
The owner's told Doc to put him to sleep, they didn't think he could be saved, nor was all the money, needed to be spent on him, worth it.
Boy, were they ever wrong !
Doc , asked if they would be willing to sign him over to us at the clinic, rather than euthanizing him, and they agreed.
Willie cheated death that day, only by the kindness and compassion of a professional, who saw more in him, than a crippled cat, with NO future of ever being perfect.......
But Perfect to us, he WAS !
Day after day, Willie gained back his strength. We would allow him to run around the clinic and exercise his deteriorated muscles, which in time, would carry him at Warp Speed up and down the hallways.
The damage to his spinal cord had left him incontinent, and therefore we were constantly cleaning behind "his drippy faucet", as we called it.
We didn't care how many leaks we had to wipe up, just so long as Willie gained back his strength, and was able to live a happy and comfortable existance.
In turn, he became the "clinic cat", a blood donor when needed, and always fullfilled his obligation, in a gentle manner.
He was a true gentleman.
Many an injured pet, have Willie's life-blood to thank, for their recovery.
In 2006 my veterinarian became ill, and so the practice had to be closed.
This left a dilemma, since we had two cats, and a dog, who permanently lived in the clinic.
I had two cats of my own, and my daughter had six cats, two dogs, and a rabbit. Quite a menagerie between the two of us.
We decided to take the animals from the clinic, and take them home.
Willie still had to live in a huge cage, though daily, we took care of him, spent time with him, walked him on his leash, and gave him all the love and comfort, and old pet deserved.
He was content to sleep most days, arthritis had taken a toll on his little body.
He had lost weight, and I had to have most of his teeth removed, but other than that, he was still the sweet, loving gentleman , he had always been.
We laid him to rest, under the Bluebird house, alongside his fellow kitties, beneath a bed of daffodils.
He will be missed with a passion.......
Farewell my faithful friend >^..^<
Credits: Poem by Paul C. Dahm. Music : Kerry Muzzey. Flash Animation: Terri Pike


Whitney said...

I'm sorry for your loss of Willie cat. I have a beloved cat and dog of my own, and they are very special to me also. Thank you for sharing the Rainbow Bridge poem. Have a good evening.

L. D. said...

Peace to you and may your heart be healed from the loss of such a loving creature. You were so loyal and faithful to your Willie to have your friend live so long.

donna baker said...

Oh Jo, Willie was a fine cat; everything a cat's supposed to be. When I lost my Mr. Winky last year, my heart broke. One thing someone said to me helped me a little. "We all have to say good-bye someday." It is hardest on us who love animals as we do. Love to you.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Oh---I'm so sorry, Jo. I know you have a HUGE hole in your heart tonight. But--he lived for 19 yrs. so that is phenomenal.

Lots of HUGS my friend.

Snowbrush said...

I am very sorry for the loss of your precious kitty.

Carol Murdock said...

So sorry my friend, that is a long time. I'm sure you have a world of good memories of Willie!


mary evelyn said...

oh, i'm so sorry!

Unknown said...

So sympathize with you as I've lost two in the last two years and my daughter has lost one. They were old, yes, but one was also becoming very ill and had to be put down. That really broke my heart as she was my favorite but it would have been heartless to let her suffer.

I'm surrently watching (closely) the last of my three cats, Tiger, who is 16 years old and experiencing dementia.

So sorry for your lose but I think you're right; you'll join him at some time in the future.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear that Willie died. I'd bet pounds to pennies he led a privileged life with you. 19 years is a long life for a cat, but it's still too short. Pets should lve as long as we do and stay with us all our lives.

Winifred said...

What a lovely story. He was a very special cat that Willie. Thanks for The Rainbow Briddge poem. It was lovely but I'm going to have to go and wash my face!

You must be feeling so sad, every time you look around you expect to see them. They do leave a big hole in your life. We share more than our lives with them don't we, they take part of us with them.

I have a cat of eighteen and one of nineteen and I'm psyching myself up and dreading what's coming.

Take care, thinking of you.

Dirt Princess said...

(tear)...Oh...I am crying! Sweet Willie! What a blessing he was! I am so sorry. I know it is so hard...they are part of the family.

Jill of All Trades said...

Goodbye sweet Willie. They can be such a comfort.

Anonymous said...

I just read the extra bit you added. He may have been mistreated early in life but he knew he'd landed on his feet when he met you. I think I see what you are like. If you could have fixed all of his permanent ailments you would have done whatever the cost.
You gave him a superb life, Jo, and Im sure he knew it.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Friends, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for your kind support and encouragement.
I have the feeling you have all gone before, down this same path, and nothing but time passing, will heal a broken heart.
Today, I gathered up his blankets, and brushes, and his little stuffed mice, and broke down.
I know it will get easier, but today, and tomorrow, I can hear him meowing in his gruff little voice, and each time I look at his picture, I feel as if I can touch his fur and whiskers.
His memory will be alive forever in my heart.....
Blessings to you all, I love you !

Unknown said...

Oh Jo my heart goes out to you, I am so sorry for your loss, but you gave him the wonderful gifts of life and love.

In his piccie he looks like a little old feline man, so sweet. They worm their way into out affections and our hearts bond. When we lose them it hurts so much and I send you a big hug.

Paula & Skip said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I know it leaves a hole - my beloved Oscar died last year aged 17, the best companion I ever have had. Oscar is dearly missed. I am sure we will meet Willie and Oscar at the rainbow bridge. Big hug, Paula, a frist time visitor.

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

As I sit with tears in my eyes, I am so enthralled by your beautiful love story. We lost our old cat, Bones, shortly after she turned 17 - we had her from the beginning. This is a beautiful tribute to a good friend. THere will be a special place in Heaven for you!

Aleta said...

My tears blur my eyes and I can hardly see to write this. I am so sorry for Willie's departure, but we never "lose" our loved ones; they are always with us in spirit. You will be reunited with Willie one day. He sure was a special kitty! I keep you and your family in my thoughts and heart during this difficult time. said...

My friend,Aleta,directed me to your blog.I am amazed at your photos.What a wonderful life you gave to your friend,I`m sure he`s purring in heaven now so thankful to have had your thoughtful care to him,phylliso

*krystyn* said...

Oh, the loss of a pet is so hard. I hate it. That Rainbow Bridge poem is soooooooooo sad too. I'm also in TN...whereabouts are you?

ChristyACB said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. I do understand it. I lost Clover, my cat, on April 18th. She fought long with cancer and almost had it beat. I didn't give up until I knew she had. In November, I lost my other cat Lucy to kitty alzheimers. It is so very hard to lose someone we've had so much of our lives with.

Linda Collison said...

My belated condolences to you.

I wish Willie abundant cat blessings in Eternity.