Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Mountain Visit

After her graduation from High School last week, our granddaughter headed off to spend some well-deserved vacation time in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.

She stayed in the mountain town of Gatlinburg, at the foot of Mt. Le Conte.

Cascading waterfalls in Pigeon Forge

The Little Pigeon River
Entrance to Gatlinburg and the Great Smoky Mountain National Park

Cherokee North Carolina, via the mountain roads

Got carrots ?

Top heavy
Hiding behind this tree, where you can't see me !
Native wild black bears

Cades Cove (my favorite place to visit) an isolated valley and was called 'home' by many early settlers.
It is part of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, with breathtakingly beautiful views.

Early settlers cabins

A visit to the Ripley's Aquarium

The Great Smoky Mountains are an awesomely spectacular place , if you ever have the chance to visit, I encourage you to do so.
You'll fall in love with their beauty.
Hope you enjoyed Megan's pictures, it was sweet of her, to share them.
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donna baker said...

I have been through Tennessee but did not get to see it like that. I must visit someday.

Rebecca said...

Congratulations to your granddaughter! These are familiar and favorite sights to me. My brother lives in N.C. about 20 miles from Cherokee. We go there just about anytime we have vacation days.

Stella Jones said...

I enjoyed the pictures. I'm familiar with Gatlinburg, but not with Cades Cove. I'd like to go there now I've seen the pictures.
Blessings, Star

Marilyn said...

A very pretty area! I smiled when I saw the elevation sign as Denver is higher, as measured on one of the steps of the capitol building. It's all relative, isn't it? Thanks to you and your granddaughter for sharing all the sights. ♥♫

L. D. said...

Your granddaughter has some very beautiful photos. My parents visited there years ago but I have never been. I recognized the spot as soon as I saw the very first picture. I really enjoyed them all.

Peggy Montano & Paintings said...

I love that place. We have enjoyed many hours there.
Thanks so much for taking us there with these wonderful photographs.

MadSnapper said...

I think Gatlinburg is one of the most beautiful places in America. I love it and have not been there for many years, thanks for my trip back in time

laney said... still my heart...there is no place on earth more beautiful (in any season) than cades cove...walking up to that first oliver can feel the presence of the people of the cove...and the sound of the little river...well... all that and heaven too...

Mage said...

Yes, one day we will be back. :)

jerilanders said...

Best wishes to your granddaughter! We are so fortunate to live in this state that offers so much beauty. Gorgeous photos! I've been to Gatlinburg many times, because I do art shows there, but Cades Cove only once. However, last week I took my daughter in law to the Museum of Appalachia, which is also wonderful. I will be posting about it tonight, hope you will visit.

Maura @ Kisiwa Creek Photography said...

Oh Jo...thank you so much for sharing this with us! Hubby and I are going to the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge ..probably this fall and I was wondering what else we could do while we were there. I've never been to Tennessee so these pictures are WONDERFUL to see. I was excited about the trip before but now I'm REALLY looking forward to it! Have a wonderful weekend.....Maura :)

shirley said...

What a magical place, your grandaughter took marvellous pictures...Glad she enjoyed her break she would have enjoyed the peaceful and calm atmosphere after all her studies.

Have a cuppa for me I love the little saying about having a cup of tea it is so true.

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

She was not far from us! I love where we live. Such beauty :) in our state of Tennessee, isn't there?!

xo, misha

The Retired One said...

We drove through a corner of the mountains on our way to Florida...they are breathtakingly beautiful..we want to go back and explore more of them someday soon.

Sunny said...

Your Granddaughter captured some lovely images. This is an area I would love to visit.
Wishing your Granddaughter every success.
☼ Sunny

Richard Lawry said...

I love the Smokey Mountain National Park - esp the Cades Cove area. I haven't been there since 1999 when my daughter graduated from Southern Adventist University in Chattanooga. I need to make a return trip.

An Arkies Musings

Barbara Anne said...

Ah, the beauty of Tennessee, my home state! These photos are lovely and tell the tale that Megan has your talent for taking well-framed pictures!

What a perfectly lovely location to visit to rest from the whirlwind of graduation and the weeks that preceded it.


Beth Dunn said...

Awesome pictures!

Susan Freeman said...

I have been to the Great Smoky Mountains several times and am always in awe of their beauty. Thanks for the lovely pics!!

Susan and Bentley

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Loved Megan's pictures of the Smokies. It is a gorgeous place. Sounds like she took it ALL in while she was there...