Monday, March 28, 2011


Lately the world seems to be at all Odds and Sods.
Earthquakes, tsunamis, uprisings, wars, unemployment, it's hard to watch the evening news and not be affected by all the suffering and hardships.

I feel the need to escape and recharge my mental batteries, luckily with the click of a mouse, I find myself knee-deep in a field of English Bluebells, gloriously waving around in the warmth of a Spring day. A "happy place."

Were I to live a thousand years
I still would know that flaming thrill,
That rush of joy when first appears —the golden daffodil.

A thousand times my heart would sing
When purple irises unfold;
Or when forsythia's branches bring
Their dazzling showers of gold.

I could not see an almond tree
With branches all a rosy glow
But that a tide of ecstasy
would through my being flow.

Were I to see, a thousand times,
Blue scilla bells amid green grass,
I know I'd hear their fairy chimes
As I would pass.

Were I to live a thousand years
I'd never watch the nesting birds
Except through eyes bedimmed with tears,
My tongue bereft of words.

Were I to weave ten thousand lays,
Knew I a thousand songs to sing,
I still would lack the power to praise
—the miracle of Spring.

Silver Lining ~Wilhelmina Sitch 1888-1936


黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said...

Oh... the colors and lights of Spring !

Country Gal said...

Beautiful poem and photo. I cant wait til srping is in its glory. Hope you have a wonderful day.

MadSnapper said...

nothing could be finer than knee deep in blue bells, wish i were.

Unknown said...

Know exactly what you mean. Watching the news is important to know what's happening in the world but it can be so depressing at times.

Love the poem.

Barbara Anne said...

Oh, I so agree that all that is horrid and dismaying is hard to see on the news. There seems so little that can be done to really help.

My new endeavor is to make itty bitty quilts to be sold to fund research looking for a treatment or cure for Alzheimer's disease. These and many other itty bitty quilts cam be seen and bought at I hope to make a difference.

What a lovely picture and poem. Ta!


Sharon said...

Good choice this morning! I can see Spring, now if we could just feel it - again! Soon, I hope!

Carol Murdock said...

Beautiful Jo!!
That header takes my breath!! XOXO

roxie said...

There have always been wars and rumors of wars, disasters, flood, famine and plague. And spring continues to come again. None of us will get out of this life alive so we may as well enjoy the beauty while we can. Thank you for expanding our vision.

ann said...

You have lifted my spirit this morning. cheers. ann

Maura @ Kisiwa Creek Photography said...

Good Morning Jo!
I feel the same way Jo...most of the news on TV seems to be sad or heart breaking. It can't help but affect us and our mood every day. And here we have a threat of freezing drizzle today and snow tomorrow....I need spring. This is a beautiful poem and your photo is perfect...thanks for this bit of 'sunshine'. :) We are still hard at work on our one and only bathroom...I'm taking a break from painting shelves to check on my blogging friends. I hope you have a wonderful day and that the sun is shining in your neck of the woods. Take care Jo.....Maura :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful Photo, even more beautiful the poem.

A rainy day here but we need it badly. What is spring without rain.

Patsy said...

Let us just stay in the garden, safe from the world.

Unknown said...

wow, thats so wonderful, big hugh Kathrin

Babs said...

I think we all need that happy place to find serenity and recharge. Your field of Bluebells couldn't be more perfect. I'm sitting here listening to Ashokan Farewell on your playlist and recharging. Wishing you a lovely week.

shirley said...

You have such a wonderful haven to escape in and keep safe. I love your photos and poems as well.

Stella Jones said...

...and even there we are told the Spanish bluebells are invading and taking over! Oh my.
I enjoyed your picture and the poem to go with it.

Travel With Lulu said...

I can't wait to see my first English bluebells here - I've never seen them before :)

Love love your blog. Great eye-candy for the day :) XoL