Saturday, March 19, 2011

Keep Calm And Carry On

It has been a Higgledy Piggledy week.
I've been trying to put on a brave face since my knee surgery on Monday.

The first couple of days whilst under the influence of pain medications, not too bad, now as the week wears on I'm left with facing the real truth, of days, possibly weeks of hard work of recuperating ahead.
I'm left to adhere to the advise of my favorite WW II inspirational poster.

A beautiful basket of flowers was delivered yesterday, in an attempt to make me smile .

It did , and was such a little welcomed sunshine into a week of unknown.

I've spent far too much time in bed, my faithful feline offering any compassion he was able.

The weather hit 80 degrees today, far too warm for this time of the year. I stepped out onto the porch just in time to catch a Carolina Wren stealing yet more moss off the wreaths.

Between her, and the remainder of the nesting birds, this is where it's all disappearing to.

I hope it makes their little homes more cozy and welcoming for their newborn.
I apologise for not visiting with you lately, and look forward to doing so in the next few days.
Enjoy your weekends !


Sharon said...

Good advise that - Keep Calm and Carry On. I must remember that one.

I see that Oliver is taking good care of you. Heal fast and do what they tell you and you'll be better before you know it.

Beautiful flowers!

Betsy Brock said...

Aw, Jo! I hope your knee heals quickly and it's good as new!

So cute about the wren! :)

We were supposed to hit 70 today but only had 61 and clouds. Not quite warm enough to open up the house like I had planned!

Babs said...

So sorry to hear you had to have knee surgery. I hope the recuperation won't take too long.
It looks like you have good company with Oliver and the Carolina Wrens taking care of you.:) Have a good weekend.

Deb said...

Oh, I feel so bad for you. I know the pain you feel as my good friend also had knee surgery and has been through the recuperating phase. I wish you well. Lovely picture of Oliver. Such a dear cat. I hope he too is doing well after his ordeal. Stay strong and look forward to the better weather and all that it brings. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

Steven Cain said...

The wrens are my favorite. Mine will build nests in anything that holds still for fifteen minutes.

Be well.

Miriam said...

You and Oliver, both recovering - how nice to have company! I wish you pain-free days very soon - I know the rehab after surgery can be difficult, but it's so important to do it properly. Just think of all the lovely walks in the sunshine, and all the pleasant hours in the garden that you'll have when you're recovered! Hugs to you!

jerilanders said...

The flowers helped, I'm sure. I sympathize with you, considering the pain and boredom. But I am glad you have a soft, sweet pussycat to be your little pal.

Anonymous said...

I've not had knee surgery, I've known several folks who've had it. I hope you continue to improve, that the pain dissipates and your rehabilitation is not difficult.

Your basket of flowers is quite lovely.

The birds do love to take soft fluffy things for their nests don't they.

What a sweet kitty...keeping you company!

The Retired One said...

I am far behind in my blog reading, so I had no idea you had knee surgery. I am so sorry you have to go through all this discomfort, but in the end, (I don't know if this will help you feel better or not), but everyone I have talked to that had it done said after that they felt so much better and could walk with far less pain. So think bright thoughts of your pain free days ahead when you are all mended. Until then, take care and know you are in my thoughts. I am sure you have lots of blogger friends who are wishing you well and are praying for you.

karen said...

Ouch...knee surgery! Hope you're getting on better today. I hear the knees take a while to heal...go slow.
Be calm and carry that!

ann said...

I am sorry to hear about your knee surgery. Oliver has healed nicely and now it is your turn. Be sure to do your physical therapy. cheers. ann

黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said...

Keep Calm and Carry On ...
Recover soon ...

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Jo, thank-you for your kind and comforting comments left on my blog in the loss of our boy Tanner...Take care, and enjoy your rest--Do what you made Oliver do, and you'll be out very soon tending and enjoying your garden and your beautiful flowers! I'm sending healing thoughts and energy in your direction too!! :-)

Deanna said...

May you heal nicely and quickly.
Happy Spring to you!
God bless,

Yvonne said...

Hope you're feeling peachy soon. Beautiful the music 'Moonrise'.

DJan said...

Glad the surgery is behind you, and that you are on the mend. The pain meds might help, but surely those beautiful flowers are helping, too! Wonderful pictures, as usual.

Richard Lawry said...

Hope you have a good weekend and are able to get around soon.

An Arkies Musings

Rebecca said...

Out my window, birds madly sing farewell to the full moon falling slowly to the western horizon...

Here inside, I read of your early days of recovery and wince a bit thinking of the pain...I pray that your healing comes swiftly, your patience is strong, your diligence in physical therapy is intense, and that your eyes stay open to the beauty around you.

Friends care and are cheering for you.

matron said...

I do hope you recover quickly from your surgery and that the pain will go soon.
The flowers are beautiful,I am glad they cheered you up.
Curl up with Oliver and have a restful weekend,I wish you well.

MadSnapper said...

i have several friends that had knee surgery and it does take time and hard work to come back. hope yours heals super fast and you are back to norm for you soon. love love love the cat in the chair shot. makes me feel all warm and fuzzzy said...

I pray you mend well & soon so you can enjoy your lovely gardens outside with Oliver.
I`d make you a prayer shawl & send it if I knew your favorite color,hugs,phyllis

Barbara Anne said...

Love the WWII sign and the flowers are glorious!

Yes, knee surgery takes a while to get over, it hurts, and you cannot push too hard or it hurts more. These days after the need for strong pain med. is over, you still may need a milder pain med.

Honor what your body tells you and do try to follow the instructions of your doctor and your therapist.

If you're hurting more than seems reasonable, the area is redder, or you have fever, call your doctor.

You guessed it, I'm a nurse.

Wishing you WELL!


Patsy said...

So happy the surgery is over you have suffered over your knee to long so glad you are now on the mend.
Hug, Patsy

JulesTX said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Unknown said...

My motto since I found this encouraging poster first a few years ago!
It put everything in prospective!
I hope you recover soon! But keep your rest!
And a cup pf tea!

Country Gal said...

Lovely photos.
Hope your recovery is quick and painless. Have a great day !

Maura @ Kisiwa Creek Photography said...

Hello Jo!
I'm afraid I've been in a haze for the last couple of weeks...I didn't realize you went in this week for your surgery...I'm so sorry. I do hope your knee is feeling a bit better today. OH goodness please don't feel bad for not visiting people...we all understand and wish you all the best in your recovery. Enjoy your flowers and your tea and your birds and we will see you when you feel up to visiting us. Take care my friend.
Maura :)

Stella Jones said...

Your blogging friends are here to support you Jo. All you have to do is turn on the computer. I hope it gets easier as the days go by. It's no fun being ill, is it!

Ginny said...

Speedy Recovery!! Oliver is looking well.

2 Dogs said...

Hope you are feeling better very very soon! Big hugs! Patti

Doc said...

MeMa and myself have become quite fond of your daily post and our wishes are for you and your recovery. Oliver....keep mummy well, bring her tea and keep her comfy with your sweet puuuurrrr!

D said...

We wish you a speedy recovery!

Carol said...

Hi Jo,
I'm sorry that your having to go through this. I hope that your feeling much better soon.
Be good to yourself and take your medicine when you need it. We tend to try not to take it very much, but it really helps recovery to be able to move as you need to. My husband's Physical Therapist told him to be sure and take it prior to P.T. sessions for the first week or so.
I hope that your feeling better soon. I know Oliver is very comforting. Your in our prayers. Happy Spring!
Love and hugs, Carol

P.S. I don't remember us having this early and warm of a Spring in years. Lovely!