Monday, May 9, 2011

Treading Water

We enjoyed a glorious Spring day here in the Tennessee Valley for Mother's Day.
Mother Nature graced up with her very best, and it was such a delight to spend the day pottering around the garden.

We planted and cleaned up around the pond, taking care not to disturb Igor, who has become quite accustomed to our presence, and no longer plops in the pond, when he sees us coming.

Flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing, the 13 year Cicadas are serenading.

Cold, wet leaves
Floating on moss-colored water
And the croaking of frogs -
Cracked bell-notes in the twilight
~ The Pond, Amy Lowell

A new Japanese water Iris in bloom " Holden's Child"

I hope your day was just as special.


Betsy said...

happy mother's day, dear Jo. I'm glad you had a wonderful day!

Country Gal said...

We had beautiful weather as well thia weekend and still are summer like weather here. Lovely photos, your gardens and plants are beautiful We are still planning the rest of our gardens and what to put were that we will continue next weekend. Have a wonderful day !

DJan said...

My day was special, too. But the beautiful pictures you always put on your blog are nothing like my part of the world, so I do really enjoy being taken on a gentle journey with you!

Barbara Anne said...

Lovely pictures of your beautiful garden! You do have that green thumb I wish I had!

Yes, yesterday was a beautiful day here, not too warm and there was a cool breeze. The rain over Saturday night made everything sparkle.


VictoriaArt said...

Your garden is so picturesque! And those Irises! Beautiful!
I am sure you Mother's Day was lovely. I was pottering around the garden too! Got to plant some Dahlias!

Sandra said...

your garden is so peaceful and beautiful and you already know i like that bike basket of flowers. glad you had great weather for mothers day

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Jo, OH---how I love your 'creative' garden... Love the old bicycle with flowers all around... That's just SUPER....

Our yard is looking good also--but ours is not fancy like yours. I like fancy--but need a talented person like you up here to help me make it fancy... ha ha


John Gray said...

jo,you are easily pleased...
its a nice way to be

Star said...

Your garden is looking very exotic today. It is truly beautiful. Love the spitting frog or is it a toad and I'm so glad that Igor is getting tame for you.
Your pond is a delight.
How nice that the weather behaved for Mothers' Day.

Denise said...

Jo, your garden looks like one of those secret gardens that I would love to have. Your photos are magical.

Snapper II said...

I am so far behind in my blogging.
Reading your blog this A/M I just realized how many frogs I herd last night in our lake, I have really not been paying attention to the Important things in life. Things provided by our Almighty creator.

Babs said...

Jo, Your garden has wonderful, creative features. The pond and Japanese water iris is so peaceful. Love it. You have so many interesting things to see in your garden. Is your frog fountain solar?
Thanks so much for your comment on my Ploughman's post. I'm pleased that you found it acceptable, in spite of the fact I've never been to England to have a "proper one".
Glad you had a nice Mother's Day,

Gods Little People said...

Your images are so tranquil and atmospheric... gorgeous.

Diane said...

Your photos are lovely.

cathy@home said...

My boys decided to surprise me with with a lot of love notes all over the house.

Ed said...

Beautiful garden..:-)

Roxie said...

Oh, those Japanese Irises are sooo lovely!