Saturday, May 14, 2011

Taking A Rain Check

Mother Nature sent rain to our valley today.
Buckets full, with the odd peaking of the sun in between, enticing you into the garden with the hope of getting those much needed chores done.

The rain really isn't the deterrent these pests are !
Invasion of the brood XIX cicadas, and covering everything in sight.

Even my trusty garden helper has taken to lying down on the job.

They'll be no weeding between the flowers today.

We'll do our best to keep them down South !


HEATHER said...

I haven't seen any of these yet here in KY, and I really hope I don't! Icky!
Love that ginger boy-he's so cute!

Deb said...

Those look rather big and nasty. Please don't send them our way as we have enough of our own little varmints to contend with in the garden. It is raining here today and will for 3 days. :(

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

WOW!! You really have been invaded Jo!! I remember when they were here a few years ago, and it sounded like something out of a science fiction movie...I would still take them over my other nemesis, but that's me! :-)

Great pictures (as always) and I hope you're having a good weekend!!

Mary said...

If we send them to the White House, maybe they will figure out something to do about them. We have them bad in Alabama too. I am tired of listening to them. Like a bad radio station you can't turn off. I'm just glad they don't come back like this every year. At my age, 63, maybe I will be hard of hearing the next time around and they won't bother me.
Have a great day. Love your blog. Great pics.


Sharon Rose said...

Holy Moly!! I wouldn't do garden work with those gianormous bugs!!!!

The photos of them are pretty incredible though, nice shots of all the photos you took.

Now, I am itching. . . or maybe I hear the sound of evening buzzing away like when I lived in the deep south.

Betsy Brock said...

Oh those noisy bugs are everywhere down there!

We had rain today, too and foiled my plans for working in the garden! And more to come tomorrow! ha. It has been wet, hasn't it? Shoveling should be easy once I get out there!

DJan said...

Those cicadas are HUGE! Yikes, Jo! I guess I should be grateful we don't have those up here in the PNW, since they would likely keep me inside... Love your pictures, as usual.

Travel With Lulu said...

Wow, I've never seen so many cicadas before. How cute is your little helper?! XOL

Rob said...

Everything looks very colourful in your garden including the bugs! Do they do any damage?

Kim said...

English gardens & country music, yep, I'm gonna have to follow along. Love the bike with baskets of flowers! Thanks for stopping by the Red Farmhouse. Have a delightful day!

Paul said...

The bugs down here are something else! Especially for a Brit! I found an enormous bug the other day in the bath. God knows how it got in! I will post it on my blog sometime.

I like your union jacks. I keep meaning to get a couple of small ones to compliment the stars n stripes (and one German flag) in the neighbourhood! :-)


Christine said...

Pests or not they are still beautiful bugs. I did spot a little ladybug in the photo of the little lavendar flowers!

Stella Jones said...

Your pictures are lovely Jo. Your garden looks gorgeous. I thought the cicadas came every 17 years? but I have seen and heard them in Knoxville in 2007? Perhaps they are a different type. Please tell me more? I think they are very pretty bugs and I like the noise they make. It feels so tropical. I never hear that in England. The cicadas and the fireflies make it so magical over there!!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Star: We have both the 13 yr and the 17yr Cicadas in Tennessee, these are the 13 year ones.
Yes, it sounds like the tropics, but when they fly in my long hair, I do jig ;)
It's turned cold !

Barbara Anne said...

Glub, glub here, too. Our rain last night was torrential.

Goodness gracious, you do have cicadas aplenty and as you said, they're on everything. Another ick!!


MadSnapper said...

i still can't get over how attractive the locust are, especailly the one on the handle

Rebecca said...

Oh, my! So much for "the good, the bad, and the ugly"!