Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blackberry Winter

We've been having a cold spell the past several days.
Old-timers in the South know this as Blackberry Winter, or Dogwood Winter, which mainly describes a brief period of cold weather that coincides with the time the blackberries are in bloom, or the dogwoods are blooming, (typically in early to mid May).

Despite the colder temperatures, several days of rain, and plagues of cicadas, the flowers seem to be flourishing.

The First Sergeant spent the entire day, hammering and sawing, huffing and puffing.
When it was all finished he called me outside to take a look.

A new planting bed, re purposed out of the split cedar fence posts bought last summer, and now the perfect home for this years Morning Glory plants, and others.

The birds are all snuggled away in their nests

We seem to have lost Igor the frog.
Sadly, nary a sighting of him in the last three days.

I can only hope his mating calls have been returned by a lady frog, and he'll return to the pond with his new family hopping behind.


Betsy Brock said...

We're freezing up here, too! The dampness just adds to the cold feeling!

Maybe Igor went back to hibernating!

deb said...

Looks gorgeous!

Rebecca said...

I don't know WHAT we call it up here, but whatever it is, it's not nearly as romantic sounding as "blackberry" or "dogwood" winter...


So your frog went a'courtin', huh?

Kim said...

I've never heard of blackberry winters but we seem to be having one this year too.

Diane at My Cottage Garden said...

'Blackberry Winters', what a great expression. Your photos are just lovely today, they all look so well against the black background as well.

I particularily like that picket fence you have - it gives such an old-world charm feel to the garden.

Give that little cat a scritch on the head for me.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

My blackberries are blooming too, and I'm hoping for a good crop of them this year!!

cathy@home said...

lovely photos and I realy like that planter

roxie said...

Igor needs to woo his ladyfriends in the water. If it's cold, he may have found a cozy place to hang out.

MadSnapper said...

hope the frog comes back

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Jo, YES---it's darn cold here also.... I thought the week we were at the beach was Blackberry Winter (1st week of May).. SO--what is this one called?????? Crazy weather!!!!

BUT---as you have said, all of our rain has helped the flowers this spring...

Hope your little froggie returns..

Unknown said...

always so nice, to look at your blog, big hugh Kathrin

Barbara Anne said...

Blackberries blooming here, too, and it's been raining at night and humid by day. Hope this June isn't the blazing August-hot, dry month we had last June.

Now you've made me want morning glories!


John Going Gently said...

I HAVE ALIUMS just like those in the picture in our garden!!!!