Tuesday, July 19, 2011

An Unexpected Rain

As with most of the country, we've endured relentless heat these early months of Summer.
Miss one day of watering, and the plants are shriveled beyond repair.
Late this afternoon we were fortunate to receive almost an inch of rainfall, unpredicted, out of the blue, yet welcomed beyond words.

If you listened carefully you could hear the trees and flowers, heaving a big sigh of relief, their roots and foliage drinking in every last drop of moisture.
The temperatures fell, and for the first time in several weeks we enjoyed a tolerable 72 degrees.
How lovely is that.

A break in the heat
away from the front
no thunder, no lightning,
just rain, warm rain
falling near dusk
falling on eager ground
steaming blacktop
hungry plants
turning toward the clouds
cooling, soothing rain
splashing in sudden puddles
catching in open screens
that certain smell
of summer rain

~ Summer Rain : Raymond A Foss


Christine said...

I love that kind of rain; to the point of being outside in it. Guess my inner child still loves to play in the rain! I hope I never get too old to enjoy the small pleasures life just seems to drop in our laps sometimes.

Patsy said...

We got a little rain last week but need more. Love your frog pool.

Babs said...

Jo, I'm so glad you got a bit of rain. We've been getting showers off and on for the last few days and the plants are loving it. Isn't is amazing how they respond better to rain than from "city water"?
Hope you have a few more cool days and rain.

Terry said...

We had rain, but now I'll be back to dragging the hose around. Oh joy.
The frog pond is very sweet.

Sharon said...

We didn't get a drop, glad you got some though!

donna baker said...

An inch of rain and temps in the 70's? At this point, it sounds like heaven.

Victoria said...

So glad you got some rain!

'Summer rain'... such beautiful words. We used to be able to always count on an inch or two of rain in July and August, but not so much anymore. The poor forest is so parched.

Cute photo of the frog fountain.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hello Jo! I've thought the same things when we get those little showers--But none is expected, just heat, heat, and more heat!

cheshire wife said...

I'll swop you! It has rained almost non stop here for the last two days.

Stacy said...

Wasn't it wonderful? We got 1/5 inches... rained for about 3 hours. It was beautiful! I'm glad tht it found you too!

Hilary said...

Isn't it an incredible relief??
I love rain, anyway. there is always something so soothing about it to me.

Country Gal said...

We need rain badly ! It hasnt rained for weeks and has ben soo hot and humid ! Lovely post and photo ! Have a good day !

Ginny said...

Send the rain North, it is really dry and hot up in PA!!

Barbara Anne said...

How lovely to get unexpected rain! We may get some today and need it badly. I yearn for the gentle all day rain Raymond Foss describes in his poem but will take rain from storms if that's all we can get.

That reminds me I need to water the potted plants. Ta!


Doc said...

I should not complain of our lack of summer here in Oregon, can you believe I still have the heat on in the orchid house and that near to August.

Maura @ Kisiwa Creek Photography said...

Oh Jo...lucky you to get that rain and cool temperatures! I forget what it's like to have a nice cool summer day...we've had mostly triple digit temperatures off and on now for ages and I can't even remember when we got rain last. Our poor lilac groves are looking very sick and our water level in the well is very low so we may be in big trouble if we don't have one of those surprise rains like you just had. The 7 day forecast shows 103-105 for the next week with only a 20% chance of storms on Sunday and Monday! Enjoy your day even if it is humid...it could be worse ;)
Maura :)

Louise said...

Blessed rain! Right now, I think that everyone, just about country wide is hoping for a steady, all day rain to give the plants a needed drink.

Yvonne said...

Glad you got your rain. We have gotten quite a bit of it here in Nashville over the summer months so far. Not the norm.