Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Longest Night

With the full moon high in the winter sky and the promise of a rare combination Lunar Eclipse and Winter Solstice, I've spent the better part of the evening outside.
Bundled up, with wool coat, gloves and hat, I began the task of stringing the faerie lights around the porch.

Inside, the warmth of the hearth, twinkling trees, and heady aroma of clove-studded pomanders gave me an excuse to abandon the project, opting instead for an evening with Dylan Thomas the popular and much-loved Welsh poet.

A Child's Christmas in Wales, a timeless tale, delivers with gentleness a glimpse of a child's Welsh Christmas and takes you on a journey back to the magic and marvel of boyhood " where no two moments were ever alike, and life was embraced with belief instead of doubt ."

Purely magical !


Sharon said...

Oh, to find the moon, hidden by the clouds! It would be a sight to see, but much too late, I'm afraid - for me!

Maura @ Kisiwa Creek Photography said...

Hello Jo,
What a wonderful post. That story sounds like a perfect Christmas read and your home looks so cozy and inviting. I wish YOU and YOURS a very Merry Christmas and happy and healthy 2011.
Maura :)

Barbara Anne said...

The celestial dance was amazing - and cold here!

We've had "A Child's Christmas in Wales" for so long it's on a record album. It is wonderful.


黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said...

Glad you documented that... Cheers.

Stella Jones said...

Our skies were too cloudy for me to see that beautiful moon this morning, but I've seen pictures of it that others have taken. It was quite spectacular.
You had a nice Christmassy evening didn't you.
Not long to go now. Shall we get it all finished?
Blessings, Star

Jennifer MacNeill said...

You decorations look wonderful! Happy Solstice to you:)

Michael said...

you know I have wanted to read that or hear it. do you have a version you would recommend? :) sounds delightful.

Kay said...

We could not see it with all of the clouds.

Merry Christmas!


floweringmama said...

Oh what beautiful pictures! Merry Christmas!! I just love your blog.

Rebecca said...

I arrived a day late here,but not too late to sit and wonder as I slowly scrolled. Fairy lights, greens, candles and vines ... beautiful music ... wish I could stay forever in this magic place.

L. D. said...

All are such beautiful things. It is the magic of Christmas the draws great things together.