Sunday, February 14, 2010

Winter Blast.

Just when we were having thoughts of Spring, another cold and icy blast blanketed the area overnight. We are once again under a Winter-weather advisory, with ice and snow making driving treacherous and inadvisable.

Within thirty minutes of filling the birdbath with warm water, ice has already begun to form.

Don't forget to give our feathered friends an extra scoop of birdseed !

Stay safe......


DJan said...

That's why I got my birdbath warmer, which I didn't need to use all January! If I were close I'd lend it to you...

Merisi said...

Oh, these are beautiful pictures,
magically different from so many snowy ones I have seen lately from the States, the light on the tree and the green bird house especially!

Yes, please, put the kettle on,
I would love a cup! Thank you! :-)

Merisi said...

Love that "Keep calm and carry on" rug -
did you take it back all the way from Britain?

L. D. said...

That birdbath tells it all. It is getting to be a long season for us all. I hope today will be a clearing day for you.

Stella Jones said...

It does seem like a very long winter this year doesn't it Jo. I think we will all appreciate the spring when it comes! Yes, I'm feeding my birds every day and providing fresh, clean water for their bath! brrrrr - the blackbirds here have a daily bath and it's delightful to watch.
Blessings, Star

Susan Freeman said...

My you all have had a snowy winter. Our winter has been unusually mild. While we have continued to get snows in the mountains, it has been in the 50's here in the valley with rain. Maybe I can send some warmer weather your way. Stay snug and do put that kettle on!

Susan and Bentley

Unknown said...

Boy will winter ever end this year?! Love your birdhouses and I do the same with the warm water to little avail!

Andora said...

Yes we also have about 3-4 inches of snow here in the hills of Eastern KY.Love your pics,winter is so beautiful..and we haven't had a winter like this for a very long time..I told my mom and dad the other day that this is the kind of winter I remember growing up..

The Retired One said...

Hang in there!
We feed the birds ferociously all during our long, snowy winter here we have about 50 grosbeaks, 17 mourning doves, 8 bluejays and several other birds coming to our feeders several times a day!

Unknown said...

I like the green Blue bird box, looks like some wood peckers have been trying to get in.

Margaret said...

I guess that means that Connecticut will be next, but we're to only get about 4 inches.

Whimpurr said...

What a lovely site you have! I am a Tennessee girl ... born here and lived here my entire life!

I recently discovered that warm water freezes more quickly than COLD water! ;o)

Barbara Anne said...

We're almost through our 2nd large bag of wild bird seed and our feathered neighbors have learned it's safe to look in the windows for us when more food is needed!

I did see three lovely Eastern bluebirds yesterday so have hopes that spring cannot be far behind.

It's sleeting here now. I love the pictures!


A Brit in Tennessee said...

DJan: I shall invest in one of those, and next year, maybe I won't be worried about the water freezing all the time.. and thank you for your offer :)

Merisi: Welcome !
Thank you for your kind comments, I will visit your place, and have a little look-see this evening.
The green Bluebird house is quite old, it came from Maine, and although a little worse for the wear, I treasure it. The kettle is always on !

L.D. Yes, a long Winter, and more of the same in the next two days...

Star: Lovely to hear you are still feeding the birds, they are fun to watch !

AshTreeCottage: Yes, we have had more snow this year, than most I can remember. I've enjoyed it though.

BritGal Sarah: Seems by the time I get the water "running" again, it's frozen...

Andora: I dare say you have had more snow than Tennessee, being slightly further North. The only times it bothers me is when I need to be at work ;)

The Retired One: Wow that's a LOT of feeding ! The squirrels can be so greedy also, sometimes I have to chase them away from the feeders.

Snapper ll: I bought the Bluebird house from an antique dealer friend of mine, who makes trips up to Maine and brings back loads of goodies.
I was wondering what had chewed the wood around the opening.

Margaret: 4 inches ! that's a lot..
We only had a dusting of snow, but the ice is what stopped everyone this morning.

Whimpurr: Welcome ! I'ts always lovely to hear from another Tennessean, I'll visit with you soon !

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Barbara Anne: Isn't that hilarious, that they would look inside your window, waiting for food.
I did'nt know that warm water freezes faster than cold, I must stop doing that !
Thanks for the info...

Dave Pie-n-Mash said...

Looking at those photos I would never have guessed it was Tennessee. If it keeps up we should all move to Florida and California and leave the entire inland USA empty.