Monday, February 15, 2010

Empty Nesters.

"Sweet bird! thy bow'r is ever green,
Thy sky is ever clear; thou hast no sorrow in thy song
No winter in thy year."
~ John Logan, 1748 - 1788


Vickie said...

Howdy from Texas! I stumbled upon your blog this evening, and just wanted to say how very much I enjoyed reading and looking at all your pictures from England & reading all your poetry. I can tell you miss it! Lovely photography, and we have alot of the same interests in all things OLD. Stop by and say hi sometime!

DJan said...

But spring is right around the corner, and it won't be long now before the birdies return!!!

L. D. said...

Yes, get your camera ready as the birds already have their flights booked and they are putting away their beach chairs and sunglasses. It will be time for them to raise another family.

George said...

Won't it be nice to see birdhouses without the snow covering? I can hardly wait.