Thursday, February 4, 2010

Spot the Imposter.


HEATHER said...

He is the cutest boy!

Sunny said...

That is such an adorable picture.
It reminds me of my dear cat Winston, who used to used to sleep amongst the stuffed animals on my bed.
I love orange tabbies.
Sunny :)

Penny said...

Oh I love it, I think my ginger Oscar is very like your ginger, he looks very pleased with himself.

The Prodigal Tourist said...

I know--it's the one who looks like he's in charge, and just expects everyone around him to behave while he takes his forty winks. (Yes, Mummy, I know you're taking a picture, but I'm not going to smile for you like a silly canine)


Hi I came by via The Old Digger, I saw you are a Brit, and lived in Tennesee. I went to Gracelands a few years back and this june an going, God Willing to Nashville.
I did so enjoy a number of your blogs and the cat today is a real cutie.
Take care.

Kay said...

Pretty kitty

Jeannette StG said...

Haha, mostly impostors don't look so cute!

Betsy Brock said...

Is the gray one a door stop? I had one identical to it...and a gray tiger cat at the time. I have a picture of them sitting the same way together somewhere...I should dig that out. ha.

DJan said...

:-) Precious!!!!!

Barbara Anne said...

Oliver seems at ease and pleased with his chair-mates or is he oblivious to them?!

Tell me it isn't Thursday the 4th quite yet!

Unknown said...

Cats will always find and takeover the most comfortable perch!

Margaret said...

I like the orange one best!
Margaret, and her cat, Mandu

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Heather: He's quite the gentleman cat.

Sunny: I went into my grandhcildren's room where the stuffed bears and rabbits still sit
on the bed, and there was Oliver snuggled in amongst them, just like ET ;)

Penny: Yes, he looks quite smug.

The Prodigal Tourist: You are exactly right, he kept trying to close his eyes, but peep out of one corner, to check if I'd gone away yet.

WTMWOP: Glad you enjoyed your visit here in Tennessee, it is a beautiful, green State.

Kay: Thank you :)

Jeannette: I hear you !

Betsy :I think it may be a door stop, it is weighted in the bottom. I also have a draft excluder that looks just like it, but smaller kitties.

DJan: Aaaww thanks.

Barbara Anne: For some reason, he really seems to choose that chair. I think he does indeed like his companions.

Brit Gal Sarah : They do...isn't that cute.

Margaret: Oliver thanks you >^..^<

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Cute picture, Jo.... That big one in the front SLEEPING through the photo scene is definitely the imposter!!!

Love your header...

Anonymous said...

we don't have any orange kitties - all other colors tho. Love this shot. I took one of our Minnie sitting that was very similar.

Barbara said...

I spot the imposter at the back because I have one just the same that is a doorstop!

Terra said...

Oh what a beautiful ginger cat you have.

Anonymous said...

YESSSS!!! I have just arrived at your blog, therefore, I started reading it from the beginning. And I read about you LOVING cats (BINGO! YOU CAUGHT ME!), and the yellow one that showed up at your door.

I needed to know whether he had been adopted. That's him, right? Fantastic. I wish you and him lots of happiness!!

By the way, we have three great cats; two of them adopted at the Humane Society, and one that adopted us.

I do not have a blog.