Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Last Few Blues Of Summer...

Heavenly Blue Morning Glory.

Rambling Blue Wave Petunias.

Midnight Blue Salvia

Star Gazer Blue Lithidora


donna baker said...

I too love blues in my garden. Blues are bumble bees' favorite too. Have you tried plumbago? Very pretty blue and the great thing is they come back year after year.

Deanna said...

Dear One,
Hello from HomeHaven.
Summer is coming to a close and I don't mind Fall...but don't look forward to ice cold winter...bbbrrr

The flowers are all gorgeous!
Nice to see.

Unknown said...

Heavenly Blue Morning Glory is one of my favorite flowers. Mine did not come back this year so I really enjoyed seeing yours.

Kay said...

I love the Morning Glory on the picket fence. Great photography. I've only see Morning Glory like this in one place around here and it's when I go for one of my walks. It is growing all over a wooden fence about 1/2 mile from our house.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Donna: I've never heard of Plumbago but looked it up, and it's so pretty ! We are in zone 7, and it recommends zone 8B-11 I wonder if it would be OK, I'll give it a try, and thank you ;)

Deanna: Yes, i'm ready for fall also. Thank you for stopping by .

Milah: Does it self seed from volunteers ? I've been told to stay away from the perennial kind.

Kay: Oh glad you like it on the fence. It has just now started rambling, I hope it continues for awhile longer.

Patsy said...

That is beautiful photo of the fence with the blue morning glorys. You have a lovely place to call home.

Becca's Dirt said...

Pretty blue flowers. I especially like the blue morning glory and the Star Gazer Blue. Awesome.

Andora said...

Gosh!!! what beautiful blues...,you do have a lovely place.your pics are always so beautiful...take care

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for visiting me from Patsy's blog. I have enjoyed visiting with you and I love the morning glory on the fence. How inviting and cozy it looks. You live in a beautiful area and it is a pleasure to "meet" you.

Anonymous said...

So beautiful! Thanks for posting those. I love Autumn, but will be sad to see those colors go.

George said...

I really like the morning glory, but all of these blues are beautiful.

DJan said...

This is my second attempt to leave a comment. The first went to Word Heaven, I suspect. Anyway, after being gone all day, I decided to check your blog, and your earlier commenters have used up all the good words already, so I will just add: DITTO! Love the blues.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Bennie and Patsy: I like the blue next to the old pickett fence too.

Becca's Dirt: This is my first year planting the Star Gazer blue, I will try it again next year also.

Andora: Thank you, I'm partial to the blues also.

Mildred: Thank you for stopping by, I hope we visit each other often.

Melissa: Ha, my "Bloody Beautiful Blog" neat is that !

George: Now if only I could grow roses like you and Betsy, I'd have it made :)

DJan: Sorry, you've been messed about trying to leave a comment, I'm glad you liked the flowers, and let's hope the internet behaves.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Our yard is full of yellows now (roses) --and yours is full of blues. We need to combine the yards!!! That would be neat, wouldn't it????

Have a great Labor Day Weekend.

The Retired One said...

Boy..that blue just jumps out at you doesn't it? I love that color mixed in with the other garden flowers!

Anonymous said...

Blues/lavender are one of my fave colors! Love the looks of yours.