Sunday, May 31, 2009

Down By The Garden Gate....

Yesterday , as I was away working, my dearest the "First Sergeant" hung my little old gate and created a new piece of rock wall to partner alongside.

It leads into the back of the woods, which I fondly call the gateway to the "hundred acre wood" joshing of course ;)

We had purchased the fencing a couple of years earlier, from an old family homestead, seventeen original picket-fence panels, and one little gate.
We have used the fencing, all around the property, since there was not enough to completely fence the entire area.

It works well, a piece here, a few pieces there...

I understand the triumph and the truth
Wrought into these walls of rugged stone.
They are a miracle of patient hands,
They are a victory of suffering, a paean of pain;
All pangs of death, all cries of birth,
Are in the mute, moss-covered stones;
They are eloquent to my hands
O beautiful, blind stones, inarticulate and dumb!
In the deep gloom of their hearts there is a gleam
Of the primeval sun which looked upon them
When they were begotten.
So in the heart of man shines forever
A beam from the everlasting sun of God.
Rude and unresponsive are the stones;
Yet in them divine things lie concealed;
I hear their imprisoned chant:
~ The Song of the Stone Wall by Helen Keller 1910


Carol Murdock said... looks wonderful and so inviting to a lovely walk! You did good girl and so the 1st Sargent!


Snowbrush said...

The state of Tennessee really ought to put you on their payroll as "State Outreach Coordinator to the Rest of the World" or some such title. I ever marvel at the beauty of your blog.

donna baker said...

Love that picket fencing. Your hubby must be a sweetheart to care enough to do that for you.

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

I have a thing for picket fences and gates, too...I showed ours on a blog entry a couple of days ago...I love yours and would love to stroll that path and have you point things out to me that only you know...

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Oh Jo, I love that old fence.... And because it leads to the woods, I think that is just perfect!!!!!

Have a wonderful day on this gorgeous Sunday.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Carol: thank you, and I have passed along the compliment to "The First Sergeant " ;0

Snowbrush: Tennessee is indeed a beautiful state, and stands on it's own merits.
I will be looking into that job opportunity Monday morning :)

Donna: he enjoys working outside, and is very creative.
I also think he likes to make "Brownie Points" ;)

Old Centennial Farmhouse: I will pop on over and read your post...
We have a common love of vintage and old.. My heritage taught me to appreciate timeless objects, architecture, and tried and proven ways....I try sticking with that philosophy. Glad you enjoyed the fence !

Betsy: so glad you have returned, I have missed you, friend :)
You are correct...a beautiful Sunday, warm but witha gorgeous breeze...I need to get off this confuser, and enjoy :)

L. D. said...

The gate is really nice looking. It is nice sometimes to have used things as they already have a little character. I really enjoy your music. You live in a beautiful area.

2 Dogs said...

Looks good. We call ours the lower 40.

Sharon Rose said...

The gate is quite lovely. It stands with a silent invitation for enchanted guests to come and see what lies ahead, beyond the doors. . .
Your poetry. . . beyond words. That the stones lay rude and unresponsive, reminds me of the scripture verse that says if God's people don't praise him, even the rocks would cry out, to behond his majesty. . .
And at the garden gate of your beautiful landscape, even the rocks shine with the beauty of such an amazing creator to whom all praise belongs.. . . my heart is blessed!

Unknown said...

Snowbrush is right, Tennessee should definitely have you on its payroll and I like the title he gave you too.

The garden gate is enchanting; can just imagine how the others look around your property.

Anonymous said...

I assume The First Sergeant is He Who Must Be Obeyed?

Your yard looks so English. That's hard to do here. I have never achieved it, but then again I am lazy :) Kudos to you.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Dave: in all fairness the term "The First Sergeant" is a term of endearment, I use for the husband.
He was a First Sergeant in the Army/National Guards, and has just retired in this past couple of years.
I still call him that to make him feel "still ranking"....and No not smelly :)