Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Springtime Balloons

The Balloon Flowers are gracing us with their prolific blooms.
Also known as the Chinese Bellflower, they are a herbaceous perennial native to eastern Russia, China, Japan, and Korea.

They start out as little puffy, balloon like buds, before blooming into beautiful star-shaped flowers.
Considered low maintenance, that last throughout the summer, and are deer resistant.


Sandi said...

Gorgeous purple!

Yvonne said...

They grow very well for you.

local alien said...

They're such a vibrant colour. Lovely to have them all through the summer

Bernideen said...

I just this week cut the seeded stalks off and scattered the seeds around from some of mine. Your flowers are so pretty and we love seeing them!

Lowcarb team member said...

They look beautiful, what a fabulous colour.

All the best Jan

Anne M Robinson said...

Purple flowers are so beautiful. I love the bright colorful gardens with these flowers. Thank you for sharing. Hve a beautiful day.