Friday, June 5, 2020

Keep Calm And Carry On

We had a humdinger of a rain late last night, drenching everything in sight.
The ground is still too wet to plant in, so the two new pots of Penstemons will have to wait a little longer to find their new home.
Eight white-tail deer were happily nibbling away on the front lawn this morning, not a care in the world, and no more scared of human presence than the man in the moon.
I wonder sometimes just who owns the property.
The county leaders have decided to cancel our fair this year, the largest in the state.
Times, they are a 'changing.


Susie said...

Jo, Our state fair was canceled too. So many things canceled. They are going to run some races, with no audiences . I think I will miss baseball in our local park . I love hearing all the joy of the games. I just like driving by and hearing. Today, we drove thru our park and I saw that the splash pad for young kids was open. As long as they kind of don't huddle up. I still wear my mask and keep my distance. Stay safe, blessings, xoxo, Susie

L. D. said...

What you need is a border collie to watch over the property. You have had to screen up every to protect it. You flowers are still wonderful.

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

We just started Phase 2 openings and have almost everything cancelled. I am looking for the silver lining in staying hope and enjoying a slow(er) life for ahwile.

Take care and stay safe.

EAS said...

Jo - Thank you for identifying the purple flowers - penstemon - in an earlier post. I was able to pick up some red ones at a garden center and am very enthused. Like you, I just have to decide on their ideal placement! I think for many this will be considered the lost year with graduations, reunions, trips, tours, weddings etc being cancelled or postponed.

Annie said...

We are still under lockdown and its gotten old in a hurry.
I love the purple and white! So lovely in combination. We've had thunderstorms daily for almost a week now. Stay safe.

DJan said...

We moved to Phase 2 yesterday, and I called my hairdresser hoping to see her soon. I got voicemail and no response yet. I'll try again today. :-)

Edna B said...

We got a little rain during the night. Your flowers are beautiful. I think I would enjoy a walk around your yard just to enjoy all the pretty plants. As for the deer, I guess this was their land before it was ours. I love watching them. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Lowcarb team member said...

… your flowers still look beautiful.

All the best Jan

Kath Mattus said...

Good afternoon! Just catching up on my favorite blogs :)
So sad your fair is canceled...I lOVE going to your county fair. Ours (right next to you- to the East) is still planned for late in July, so if it's fair food you crave you'll need to head our way :D
Have a very blessed day!