Sunday, July 7, 2013

Wandering Path


On top of the earth
where green touches the hills ~
in spring, in summer, with daffodils,
with dandelions scattered through untilled fields,
with waterfalls and ferny fronds
companioning winding creeks; and
grassy knolls surrounding sunlit ponds...

That is where my heart thrives ~
among dahlias, lilacs, and rosy thorns
scenting life with fragrant morns,
and gentle nights of rounded moons,
inhaling reminiscent blooms
of many lost, yet, joyful Junes...

Warming seasons created to
make lips smile, hearts leap,
feet dance to earthy song;
and earth's turning, ever-moving
old winter right along...

'Til spring emerges, and summer follows
into every nook, into every hollow,
with greening leaf and budding flower
bestowed by Mother Nature's power..

An overwhelming gift of rarest beauty,
a rejuvenation, a resurrection of life ~
when earth renews, when earth revives...
Yes, that is when my heart truly thrives.

~ Hazelmarie Elliott


Susie Swanson said...

Awe, this is so beautiful and brings peace to my soul. Hope the rain is over for you. Hugs, xo

Nellie said...

Lovely blog, Jo! Once again, the perfect words for the season. Has the rain stopped for you now?

Yvonne said...

Very nice.

Charla said...

Hello, I just stopped by to tell you how much I love your blog. You have combined many of my favorite things. The Smoky Mountains, the poems that you post, and the British culture. I have a place near Gatlinburg, but cannot visit as often as I would like, and a dear friend that is also British recently moved away. So, your blog brings me a little happiness everyday!

DeniseinVA said...

p.s. thank you also for wishing me a happy birthday and a happy retirement to Gregg. We are looking forward to doing a little bit of traveling now.