Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Dishy Love

What is it about us ladies and our love of dishes.
I confess to loving all varieties, from ironstone to fine china.
My everyday dishes are Pfaltzgraff, country white, simple yet elegant.
There's also the Blue Willow dishes, lots of them, since I am forever 'finding' new pieces, it is an ongoing love affair.

The Royal Albert Old Country Rose collection are my fine bone china dishes, a timeless set of delicate dinnerware.

A few years ago I started collecting the Johnson Brothers Friendly Village dinnerware, each plate decorated with various seasons of the year, they are so versatile and well .....'friendly'.

Oh I have others, Red English Castle transferware, Harvestime transferware, Blue English scenery transferware, and yet another set of fine bone china bought for me as a young bride by the First Sergeant.

I've been looking for a pie safe in which to store the everyday pieces. An old primitive piece, that has graced a family homestead, whose shelves could tell tales a country-mile long.
A piece similar to this one. Isn't it beautiful, sadly it's hundreds of miles away.
The search continues.


Betsy Banks Adams said...

Gorgeous, Jo.... It's true that we women love dishes.. Unfortunately, one of my mother's sets of dishes got lost somewhere... I'm still sad about that... I think they are in Colorado with a cousin... But--she says NO.....?????

Love the Blue Willow but the Old Country Rose set are beautiful.

Thanks for sharing.

Deanna said...

Hi there!
Your new header is really attractive. Makes me want to come to Tenn. and see the sights!

Your dishes are lovely and I think that everyone ought to have dishes!

One set is not enough.

donna baker said...

I too love blue and white dishes, and chintz and majoilica and on and on. Must be in our genes. I always think of Hyacinth Bucket talking about her Royal Dalton and it makes me smile. RE the show IDIOT ABROAD that I posted about, I can't understand half of what Karl says and I still think it's funny. You'll have to watch the India and Mexico ones. Those were very funny.

donna baker said...

Oh Jo, I forgot to ask if you got your invitation to the wedding yet? I'm still waiting for mine.

黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said...

I can tell you this, my wife would love this post !

Rebecca said...

Our "tastes" run the same when it comes to dishes. I have tried to curb my appetite to acquire ANY more. I certainly enjoy the ones I have.

Those Friendly Village pieces are SO lovely...I wish you well finding a pie safe for your everyday ware.

DJan said...

You have especially beautiful dishes. Thank you for sharing them with me, and I hope you have a great day! Hugs to you.

Unknown said...

What a beautiful collection of dishes and my fav is the Old Country Rose, very traditioinal. Also love the pie safe, what a beauty!

Barbara Anne said...

I also have serious dish love and confess to yearning for a blue and white set. My childhood tea party set was Blue Willow and I love the pattern but also like Burleigh Blue Calico. I have my grandmothers much worn Ostrow china in a pattern Replacements had never seen, my mother's lovely Roselinde by Haviland, our Royal Doulton Sherbrooke, a set of Wedgwood Asiatic Pheasants that is being collected (color is multi), and Spode's Christmas Tree with the green border. Our everyday set is PFZ, Ocean Breeze which is beautifully simple. I love them all and constantly see other patterns I'd love to have. Like you, where to put them is an issue.

Your hutch is lovely!

Happy hunting for your pie safe!


Ginny said...

Beautiful dishes, and that pie safe is bad either. But you would not see your dishes, but they would stay clean. I have a primitive pie safe with screening that is looking for a home, but we are in PA!!

roxie said...

Unable to settle on just one pattern, I have begun collecting a bit of this and that, whatever suits my fancy. Eggshell porcelain cup and saucers sent from occupied Japan to wives and mothers by servicemen after WWII. Pressed glass dishes tucked into boxes of laundry detergent as premiums. An orphan salad plate from a Set of Russian bone china. When I have the ladies over for tea, I set a theme, and sort through my treasures. And I can't ever feel guilty about buying ONE plate, or cup and saucer set. I'm especially mad for the hand-painted china that ladies used to do. Everyone knows what to get me for Christmas or my birthday. I can ALWAYS use another cup and saucer. Or buffet plate and cup. Or . . . When I pass this is going to be a killer estate sale!

Stella Jones said...

You've certainly got lots of lovely china but there's always room for a new piece, right? I like the blue and white china you have. It looks very nice in your cabinet.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this nice post 111213

MadSnapper said...

beautiful dishes all of them, but i love love love the pie safe

DeniseinVA said...

What a lovely collection of china Jo. I have yet to treat myself to a set of bone china, and have loved your Royal Albert for years. I have a set of Evesham that my mom and sister gave me at our wedding. The pie safe is beautiful!

Dee said...

If I had room I would collect blue willow ware.{sigh}

Christine said...

Your collections are so lovely Jo. I wish I had more room to display my dishes and glass ware; I've got some pieces packed up.

Country Gal said...

Beautiful, I love the dishes in the last photo the barn on it looks wonderful, My mum had some of these dishes she brought from England when she came here to Canada and relatives would bring some over through out the years when they vacationed here with family ! Have a great day !

Pearl said...

I absolutely adore that pie safe.

And yes. :-) Please put the kettle on.


Crystal said...

Beautiful dishes! One of your photos looks like my dining room. It is full of blue willow. I even embroidered a blue willow table cloth and hung some plates on the walls! :-)

Anonymous said...

Love those blue and white dishes...what awesome collections you have!

Maura @ Kisiwa Creek Photography said...

Good luck with your pie safe hunt Jo...what a beautiful piece! I hope you find something similar. I love all your dishes and now I'm really liking your friendly village dinnerware.....I'll have to look them up on the Internet. I love sets that aren't all the same! Your home looks lovely and very cozy Jo. You enjoy your evening.
Maura :)

Unknown said...

I am like you, love my china collections, but yours is so beautifully displayed!
I have a lot of blue and white transfer ware, Spode, Copeland and now also Spode Gainsborough!
Most of it old!
Yours is just gorgeous!

xoxo V.

Anonymous said...

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