Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What Angels Must Sound Like

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Sung to : Symphony No. 9 "From the New World"-ll / Dvorak

Dedicated to my fellow blogger Betsy http://myfivemen.blogspot.com/ in the tragic loss of her young friend.


Video credit: Youtube/iloveLebra


@eloh said...

That is just beautiful.

DJan said...

Thanks for sharing this, and thinking of your friend.

Barbara Anne said...

Breathtaking. just wonderful.

Blessings to Betsy and all who love her young friend.

Thank you.


Betsy Banks Adams said...

Beautiful Jo.... I sent it on to some friends this morning. It was so beautiful that it made me cry.

My love to Betsy for losing her friend.
The Tennessee Betsy

Patsy said...

So beautiful and thank you for the comment on my post.Finding a long ago family member can be exciting and sometime very emotional. I did not visit this site I found it on the computer. I have been to many cemetery's in the past looking for graves and sometime when you find a family member it can bring you to your's knee with joy and sadness.

Deb said...

Your blog is beautiful. I am a new follower. Your photos are so captivating. Have a good evening, Deb ^..^

Michael said...

Definitely. What a sweet tribute.

George said...

Thanks for bringing this beautiful version of the song to my attention. The voices are angelic.

The Norwegian said...

How much I loved this. Your blog is a wonder. Comfort. I am so glad it's there.

e said...

This was my granpa's favourite. It's how he envisioned America, growing up in Budapest. Whenever i hear it, i think of him. This is a lovely version, Jo. Thank you.