Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tea For Two .....

Follow me through the gate, would you care to join me for tea in the woods ?

A little further down the path

The table is waiting to be set

The conversation may include a little Jabberwocky

I'll bring one of my favorite teapots

And a new blend of tea

I've invited a special guest........


Betsy Banks Adams said...

Holy Cow... Can I come?????? To have tea with Her Majesty would be the ultimate of ultimates... WOW!!!!!

Let me know and I'll be there. ha ha

L. D. said...

I certainly hope the man in the hat and the mouse in the tea pot will be there. I think she would be rather amused by them. I really would like to meet the queen. She seems like a very genuine person, and we would talk garden until the tea was gone. Will there be cake?????

Sunny said...

Oh My! Jolly good show!
I actually drink that tea, but I'm not sure if Her Majesty would use a tea bag!
Cute post.
Sunny :)

Sharon Rose said...

Tea with you and the Queen. . . who could ask for more! This is a lovely post!

Linda Jennings said...

I love it!

Do you think the Queen would let the guests try on the beautiful hat?

Deanna said...

Dear One,
Count me in! Can't wait and the weather is suppose to be nice.
It will be a pleasure to chat with you and the Queen.

Lovely teapot and the tea will be great.

What an event this will be!

Anonymous said...

As I was walking down that path with you I was so thinking of Alice. . . then I had to giggle when I saw her picture!
What a lovely outing that was!!

Wanda..... said...

May I bring a guest...if so I'll bring the tea biscuits!

Jeannette StG said...

Such a cute teapot (I try to refrain myself from collecting them - I have 3 now) and the queen invited? I'm coming!

Anonymous said...

I'll be there in an instant! Love the setting, love the company, and love the tea! Now, can you pay for my plane ticket :)

Clare said...

Hello fellow Brit. That is my tea of choice, second is PG Tips if I cant get the Tetleys.THanks for the lovely respite from a busy day. Adore the teapot.

DJan said...

Yes, my dear. Amy said it for me! Alice was present before the picture of her... what fun we have together!

The Retired One said...

So cute!
You had me at the gate!!

Unknown said...

I like your blog. Especially the Queen.I don't think people in the USA know or appreciate what she's been through in her life time. She's quite a Lady.
Thanks for sharing.