Monday, April 6, 2009

Appalachia : A History of Mountains and People.

The Appalachia's mountains are some of the oldest in the world and feature one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet.

The area has seen massive exploitation of both people and nature in the name of the industrial revolution.

Beginning on Thursday 9th April 2009 at 8:00PM a new four-part series premieres, on Nashville Public Television , our local affiliate of the Public Broadcasting Corporation; and continuing for the next three Thursdays.
Appalachia: A History of Mountains and People, travels through time and terrain to uncover the depth of the Appalachian story. Academy award -winning actress Sissy Spacek narrates.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Jo, I grew up in the Appalachian Mountains of VA.. In fact, there is a small town about 2 miles from my hometown named Appalachia, VA. I always laugh when I talk about 'my' mountains and chastise people who say the word wrong. It's Appa-latch-a, not Appa-lay-cha. Hope they pronounce it correct in the documentary.

My Dad worked for the railroad --and there was tons of mining in our area. People have made so much of the 'poor families' of Appalachia.. Granted there is poverty--especially in KY... BUT--my area of the Appalachians (Big Stone Gap, VA) is a beautiful part of the world.


George said...

It sounds as if it should be a wonderful series.

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

This sounds like a great series, I will look out for it on our PBS channel just in case.

donna baker said...

Hope it comes on around here. I love to 'travel' to places I've never been.

debbie bailey said...

I grew up in southeast Tennessee and love going "home" as often as I can. I'll look for the series on our Georgia PBS station. Thanks for telling us about it.

Janet said...

It sounds like a fascinating program, I hope it gets an airing in our neck of the woods.

Lonesome Records said...
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musicats said...

My dear Mother grew up in Jamestown TN and I and my sisters spend many summers there and it was the highlight of our growing up lives "going to Jamestown" to see Mother Wheeler and Granny Smith. I have a love for Tennesee and the mountains second only to Ohio which to me is serenely lovely. Tonite is the special on our PBS and I am delighted at the prospect. By the way, I am also an anglophile so have a love also of the countryside in England. I just discovered your blog and find it very good and the pics pull at my heartstrings. Thanks