Friday, March 6, 2009

Mapquest...Country Style.

US41 south of Murfreesboro, tn37 Miles to Rock City
SEE Rock City

photo credits: Marilynn Moore, Webshots


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Jo, When I was a little girl, those Rock City barns were everywhere. You just cannot imagine how many there were. Great advertisement, don't you think????? (Very creative back then)


A Brit in Tennessee said...

Betsy, I love old barns !
I still see advertising on them every once in awhile, they always get my attention, even when I'm driving down the Interstate....

GutsyWriter said...

This looks so peaceful to me. I live 40 miles from Los Angeles.

Kevin Spencer said...

Amazing photos. Nicely done, I love the Country Trading Post.

Jeannette St.G. said...

Yes, just as effective as mapquest. Have a great weekend!

TheWritersPorch said...

I knew these were all over Tennessee but after I moved here and started traveling a different route to go to the Smokies, I see them all over Alabama too!

Dave said...

Great pics... makes it look like the old style US is still there. Is it? I would guess piots appreciated the "road signs" too!

Star said...

From Knoxville to Chattanooga, on the way to Atlanta, I'm sure I've seen some of these? What are they?
Blessings, Star

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Carol/The Writers Porch, maybe it's a "Southern thing ?"...

Dave, I think a lot of the South, is still living at a much slower pace than the rest of the country.
It suits me just fine, reminds me of the Welsh Hills..

Star, at one point , when the first Interstates and Freeways were built, running right through the "family farms" and rural landscapes, farmers were enticed to allow adverisements on the rooftop of their barns,since they were visable from the Interstates.It supplemented their income, but also served as an publicity tool.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Gutsy Writer...Yes, it IS peaceful, Tennessee is a beautiful State.

Kevin Thank you for your comment, I will have a little look-see on your blog, when I have a few minutes.

Jeannette, Yes, even more so, if your out there, riding the roads without the luxury of Mapquest ;)
Have a great weekend also !!

Frank Baker said...

I love the bird house. I think it's designed for Purple Martins. At one time I was into building birdhouses and had one similar. Great Photos.
Cloody and Frank

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Frank and Cloody, you are correct, it was originally designed to be placed on poles, in open areas to house Purple Martins. Other birds, such as Tufted Titmouse, Carolina Wren, Eastern Bluebird, and Carolina Chickadee, also find it a cozy home.
I adore birdhouses, they have such character!

Linda said...

Nice post! When I was growing up here in Kentucky, I loved seeing hundreds of these barns and bird houses in Kentucky and Tennessee.

donna baker said...

Those barns are funny. They don't do that around here except for advertising.The directions to my farm are as follows - head south about three miles down Peaceable Road and when you go up the hill turn left and then go 2.7 miles east to my mailbox. There are no street signs.

david mcmahon said...

The best bar none - or should I say the best barn none? !!

Janet said...

Rock City is obvioulsy THE place to be.

My favourite sign around here is advertising "SOD." My sentiments exactly. :-)

Sue said...

I've just come across your blog, I live on Guernsey in the Channel Islands and will be visiting my sister in Alabama in 4 weeks, I love visiting her.
We have been to Rock City and its a fabulous place, if you haven't visited please go well worth it. I love the Chatanooga area and will be visiting again soon.
Great blog and I love your pictures. Sue

Taryn said...

Oh! Home Sweet Home! Those Rock City barns and birdhouses bring back the best memories of my life! I was born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee and now live in South Carolina. Not too far away from home, but still miss Tennessee with all of my heart.

Your blog is amazing. It touched my heart and I wish to thank you for posting these lovely pictures!

I know this post is a few days old, but I did want to stop by and say "HI" and comment on your blog!
I certainly will be back!


UK Christine =^..^= said...

I am from Southern Illinois (now living in the UK) and I remember these barns as we would drive to Florida for vacations when I was a kid. It was not until 2003 that my husband and I finally went and actually saw Rock City, lovely place! I also remember the painted barns that said 'See Ruby Falls', those were also everywhere. :)