Friday, March 20, 2009

Need a Hug ?

With what seems like a topsy turvy world right now, maybe we could all benefit from a little hug.........
Pass it on...


Anonymous said...

This is from Jeannette StGermain (short: St.G.) - you said in one of your responses to comments that you can't visit my blog, because I don't provide the link - sorry, my yellow rose shows up on some blogs, and others not - and I don't know how to fix it - I'm hopelessly computer challenged!!

But...I am a follower of your blog. So, on your "follow me" widget I am the yellow rose: 3rd row in the middle.
If you click on the rose, you scroll down till you see:
link: mysteries
Click on it, and it will bring you to my blog. (I tried it out from your blog, and it works)

Maybe you can click on my "follow me" widget - top right on my blog, and it should be easier then to come to my blog.
cheers, jeannette
PS congrats with your award!

Carol Murdock said...

A BIG HUG to you Josephine!
Luv Ya,

Stella Jones said...

I loved your Hugs video. Juan looks like my eldest son. I thought it was him for a minute! What a lovely sentiment. Now I feel like going out in the street and hugging somebody. Well, maybe I'll have a cup of tea first!
Blessings, Star

Anonymous said...

Ha! Funny!

So.... did you buy the village?

Anonymous said...

You did it! Thank you and you're welcome to visit any time. Enjoy your weekend!

Patsy said...

Now I like that so here is your free (HUG)

Snowbrush said...

I clicked on the hug button, but no one jumped out and hugged me--maybe it doesn't work on Apple computers?

You have beautiful pictures on your site.

You know, perhaps, that the white South is the most British part of the U.S., ancestrally speaking.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Jeannette....yes, I did it !
Thanks for the help, have a great weekend.

Carol, {hugs} have a wonderful trip !!

Star, cuppa sounds great right now, since I've just returned from working all day :)

Dave, didn't bid on the ?

Bennie and Patsy. {hugs} back....
:) sorry it didn't show the video on your Mac..
Nothing personal I hope you know ;)
Yes, the Appalachian Mountain regions, were home to many a British, Irish,and Scottish settler, I run into people everyday, whose great great grandparents were from the Old Country. Thanks for visiting, and leaving a kind comment !

Snowbrush said...

"Nothing personal I hope you know..."

Are you SURE you didn't anticipate me visiting your blog?

"...maybe we could all benefit from a little hug.........

Oh, I know, you meant to say JUG.

George said...

The video worked just fine on my Mac. After watching it I gave Betsy a hug.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Aawww George ...sweet.

2 Dogs said...

Hi there!! John studied and had to go to Memphis first then we went to Greeneville. He's been here 15 years and finally decided to become a citizen. He was very happy.

I'm off to explore your blog. hugs

2 Dogs said...

I've added you to my blog list. We're in northeast TN (Kingsport). I was raised in Johnson City. All my dad's family is from Butler, TN.

mary evelyn said...

what an awesome video. i think there needs to be more of that, especially in todays world.

and may i just say how much i love your blog? i will definitely be back :o)