Thursday, November 17, 2016

Sunshine Days

It's a balmy 80 degrees in our fair neck of the woods today.
Sunshine and blue skies.
Still no rain, but the weather gurus have gazed into their magic 8 balls and they tell us we are in the running for showers, possibly this weekend.
I'm doing a rain dance.
The Mister has headed to the creek to fish.
Savoring these last few chances to indulge, before Autumn's gentle days have disappeared.
The cats slept.


donna baker said...

Enjoy Jo. It is gusting so hard here today, it would be a disaster in the SE. Tonight will be our first freeze, so goodbye flowers.

Bonnie said...

It all sounds perfect!

Rian said...

Love that picture of your creek. I used to enjoy fishing when I was young... and lived in Louisiana. And your cats look very comfy!

Betsy Brock said...

We had that same weather, but 10 degrees cooler. Just lovely! We need rain, too...hopefully in a day or two!

Love the kitties Hope The Mister enjoys his fishing trip! :)

local alien said...

Another beautiful day in paradise!! Enjoy it while you can

Gabrielle Howard Gengler said...

I throughly enjoy your photos of Tennessee. I'm from Lebanon, but live in Missouri. Thank you for sharing.

L. D. said...

Instead of it being" dog days" it had to be "cat days". The both looked really comfortable.