Saturday, July 12, 2014

All Aboard

My sweet daughter surprised me with a new birdhouse.
 A little bit of 'home' hanging in the tree.

I treated myself to a shiny new potting shed light. It gives a  lovely warm glow to the garden, especially at night.

The Morning Glory vines have taken over. The grasshoppers seem to think we planted them just for their enjoyment.


We need rain. None in the last two weeks, crops are drying out and lawns are brown and brittle.

I hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend.


Janneke said...

Morning glories are always so beautiful. You have a nice, bright and shiny lamp and I really do love that birdhouse, so very English!

rusty duck said...

What a stunning shade of blue that morning glory is!

DJan said...

Nice time lapse with the vines. They are definitely growing like crazy, in spite of the lack of rain. Our lawns are brown, too. Crazy weather. We are fifteen degrees warmer than normal for the date. I wonder what will be coming for the rest of the summer.

Patsy said...

I like your new bird house and light. The flowers are so pretty.

Terry said...

What a thoughtful present from your daughter.
Love the new lamp, and the morning glories are looking good.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

What a fun and perfect bird house, and so thoughtful of your daughter! Your flowers are as always lovely, and a reminder again this year that I should have planted morning glories this year and didn't.

Janice Kay Schaub said...

I just love that little red bus bird house. I would buy that if I saw it. Wonderful. Its so humid here I cant stand it.........I bet nothing like where you are though. Its supposed to get cold tomorrow. The Polar Vortex is coming for a visit woo hoo

Catherine said...

Hi, I just got a blue Tintern milk jug from my Grandmother and I wanted to know if it can handle boiling liquids - i.e. like tea. I put some in the other day and heard crackling, so immediately dumped it out. But it would be nice to use in that manner.
thanks for any advice.