Monday, October 22, 2012

Time Worn

The creaking silence of age.

I like Old.
Great Depression
worn-in (not worn-out)
favorite quilt
classic car.

I like the way Old feels.
Sheets washed a thousand times
frayed around the stitching
busting from stories.

I like the way Old sounds.
Creaky wooden floors
heaters that pop and snap
doors that slam like they really mean it!

I like the way Old looks.
chipped paint
worn corners
not from neglect or carelessness, but from use.

I'd live in an Old house
with a big Old front porch.
One that heaves to tell me someone is home
and echos of little feet running across it.
I like Old.

~Holy Glasgow


Janneke said...

Again a beautiful poem. For me it is so true!
I like old houses, old floors, old furniture, all kind of old things.

DJan said...

I like Old, too. That is a great poem, and I am pleased to have enjoyed it, thanks to you. Old things that have stories to tell...

rusty duck said...

I like old too. We are trying very hard to hold on to the ancient features in our cottage. And when we have to replace, find something reclaimed rather than new. Sometimes it's very hard work, but always worth it.

Nellie said...

Wonderful poem, Jo! Yes, we like "old" here, too.

Your previous post has some lovely pictures. Of course, Tennessee is Orange in the fall. The Vols begin their football season.:)

Christine said...

LOVE that! I wish I'd written it.

jerilanders said...

Ditto! I love old.
I love the way my stairs in my old house creak as I step on the 3rd and the 5th. I like the wavy glass in my windows that slightly distorts the view and I like old quilts stitched by hand that are stuffed with cotton and you can feel the cotton seeds through the cloth.

Nan said...

I'd never read this, and so enjoyed it. Thanks! I live in one of those old houses. :<)

Dewena said...

Oh, yes, old for me, too. Old books, old rugs, old curtains, old dishes, old houses. Old friends too but new ones also! Nothing like the look and feel of wood that has been polished for decades.
What a rest to stop by your blog. You always make me think.

Doc said...

This made me sit back and delight in the "old" that surrounds me. The creaky old hardwood floors throughout this old house tell a history under every foot fall on their polished boards.

La Maison des Plaines said...

Hi! Jo,

I agree with the writer. The poem is lovely! Love a period home that has been lived in. The history and the nostalgia of all things past. Just taking a walk through an old mercantile or general store still in operation today, is one of my favorites. Priceless!

Thanks! for sharing. Have a beautiful week!

Blessings & Hugs,

L. D. said...

I like the feel and character of old. The look reveals the history of its past.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

I love "old" two--yes, from use, not neglect. Thanks for sharing this poem!

janzi said...

splendid poem.. we like old here too living in a Georgian Rectory, with floors that look like the latest fad.. that is, they are very chippy where the varnish and colour have gone from the wood floor... still trying to make up my mind whether to leave or repaint.. hugs from across the pond. janzi