Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Springing To Life

With balmy temperatures reaching seventy degrees today, and the warmer weather this past week , the Bradford Pear trees are showing off their Spring blooms.
It may read Winter on the calender, but Spring is not holding back.

Spring the Sweet Spring.

Spring, the sweet spring, is the year’s pleasant king,
Then blooms each thing, then maids dance in a ring,
Cold doth not sting, the pretty birds do sing:
Cuckoo, jug-jug, pu-we, to-witta-woo!
The palm and may make country houses gay,
Lambs frisk and play, the shepherds pipe all day,
And we hear aye birds tune this merry lay:
Cuckoo, jug-jug, pu-we, to-witta-woo!
The fields breathe sweet, the daisies kiss our feet,
Young lovers meet, old wives a-sunning sit,
In every street these tunes our ears do greet:
Cuckoo, jug-jug, pu-we, to witta-woo!

~Thomas Nashe (1600)


Anonymous said...

"old wives a-sunning sit"...that's me ;-) The blooms are so beautiful!

Miriam said...

What a magnificent tree, and what beautiful photos - again!

L. D. said...

Oh wow that looks great. We have buds on some of our early trees so we may see them in a couple of weeks.

Hilary said...

I am so jealous. How beautiful...I can almost smell them.

Country Gal said...

How beautiful that tree is ! Its not that warm here but at least its starting to warm up more and more each day ! Lovely post. Have a good day !

Terry said...

Beautiful! We are in the not-so-balmy 20s.

DJan said...

Oh, those beautiful blossoms. They make me smile and be grateful that spring is coming fast. Lovely!

Kay said...

It is hard to believe that we change back over to Daylight Saving Time again this weekend.

Japolina said...

So gorgeous. It's hard not to believe in g-d when you see a tree like that.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

After reading that beautiful poem, I am sure that I smell the blossoms on that beautiful tree.
Spring is just a breath away.

Deanna said...

Hello from Kansas!
Beautiful Nature.
Love this,

Unknown said...

Pretty, I can hardly wait.
We have a ways to go yet in Minnesota.

Janice Kay Schaub said...

ooooh I am so jealous seeing blossoms. Will be awhile here. Still it did get up to 60 yesterday for a few short minutes. The snow is starting to melt so we can see the mess from the storm more clearly

Dee said...

I am so glad I stopped by...what a treat to see your tree in gives me hope that Spring in my state is just around the corner.

Far Side of Fifty said...

What beautiful blooms..I bet they smell good too:)

Mary Lou said...

I love Bradford pear trees. They're not quite as far along here. Great photos.

Mycharmingcolors said...

so pretty