Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gossamer Threads

"The milkweed pods are breaking,
And the bits of silken down
Float off upon the autumn breeze
Across the meadows brown."

~ Cecil Cavendish, The Milkweed


Christine said...

So pretty! Haven't found any here yet but I'm looking.

Gerry Snape said...

that's a gogeous thing! I don't think that we have that in Penketh?
Would it grow here?

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Yes Gerry, it is a native plant of England also.
It attracts Monarch Butterflies.
There's an interesting article in today's Daily Mail Online.


Country Gal said...

A pretty photo. Have a wonderful day !

MadSnapper said...

I want one of these to play with my new camera. i enlarged it twice and it looks like an angel hair tree decorated with ornaments, each little seed pod hanging perfectly on it.

L. D. said...

This is a beautiful capture. They are an amazing plant with all their little parachutes.

John Going Gently said...

lovely jo

ps thank you for following my blog

Unknown said...

What a fine capture! Well done!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I have never seen anything so beautiful!
thank you for sharing your world.
You touch us every time we come.

Terry said...

I can just feel the silky threads.

That is an interesting article.

Unknown said...

I agree with "A Brt in tennessee"
You are going to have a lotof butterflies. Thats a good thing.

Sharon said...

Lovely shot! Very pretty. I haven't been out and about looking for shots lately, soon I hope.

Betty Manousos said...

so beautiful!

thanks for sharing your wonderful photos!


Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Each of your posts is like a jewel, seen close up in all its glory...concentrating on the finest details, and words added to polish it all to a lovely sparkle.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I came again to look and sit with you. All your photos are so gorgeous, it is hard to leave them and go my way
nitey nite

Anonymous said...

hello my beautiful world
hello everyone on this place!
i am Kate