Monday, August 8, 2011

The Bird's Nest

Brown, dry, dead, silent, empty house,
Tree-house, house in a tree,
Not any house,
The house of a bird,
A bird’s house,
A house made of sticks,
Of twigs,
And of leaves,
Small but stable,
Dirty but tidy,
A cradle,
A place of safety,
A safe-house,
Little chicks inside,
Protected from the outside world,
A fortress,
The bird’s fortress,
A fortress of the sky,
In the trees,
In the forest,
Unreachable from the dangers below,
A bird’s nest,
The bird’s nest,

~Fredrik Azzopardi


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I love finding the little birds nests...I also loved this little verse! I hope you've had a good weekend!!

Sharon said...

Isn't it wonderful how the birds create the perfect size for their family?

You getting any rain?

L. D. said...

A nest is an amazing structure. I like the writing.

MadSnapper said...

beautiful poem, sweet little nest

Country Gal said...

Facinating isnt it the way they build their nests ! Lovely photo and poem ! Have a wonderful day !

Jill said...

So beautiful and delicate.

jerilanders said...

Each year, the little barnswallows return to their mud daubed nest built into a corner of our porch ceiling. Each year they refresh it with a few fluffy feathers and a patch here and there. Then, they raise at least 2 bitty flocks and we witness the whole process for weeks at a time. What little wonders are the birdies and their nests!

Babs said...

Sweet poem and I love bird's nests. I've been looking on the ground in hopes of finding one to use in decorating, but none have blown down. Thanks for the lovely post.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Everytime I see a little bird's nest, I always think about those sweet little baby birds in that nest--with their mouths opened wide.....

Great poem.

Patsy said...

Sometime they use them over and over.