Friday, April 23, 2010

The Worlds of Maddie Grigg

It's always a pleasure to share favorite blogs with readers. Today, I want to share a true gem, from Dorset, England.
In her own words ....... Maddie Grigg.......

Manor from heaven:

" There is a place I love in Dorset, one that Pevsner describes as enchanting. It's Mapperton House, the loveliest, most delicious place in the world, where the ancient, rolling countryside tumbles down to meet the golden stone walled formality of the Italianate garden.This blog is a personal celebration of one of England's treasures. It also represents a journey of my struggles with the till, Indian runner ducks and a part-time job in the great outdoors."

Maddie's other blog The world from my window
tells tales of life in a rural village, deep in Dorset, United Kingdom.

"England's rural underbelly, where the cosy green hinterland hides away from the Jurassic Coast, close your eyes and you may just stumble across The Enchanted Village. It's under Milk Wood and a little beyond The Shire, somewhere between Dibley and Royston Vaysey. Welcome to The World from my Window - not to be confused with a religious blog with a similar name. Heaven forbid! And it does. Quite often.."

Stop by and say "hello" to Maddie. Her talent for taking life's everyday situations and turning them into humorous predicaments is priceless.
I'm convinced in the very near future, the name Maddie Grigg will be a showcased weekly column in that magazine or newspaper you are now reading.
Prepare to be amused......


DeniseinVA said...

Sounds like a great blog. Thanks Jo, I will pop on over right now.

donna baker said...

Can't wait Jo.

Barbara Anne said...

How delightfully delicious! Thanks for bringing this enchanting glimpse of life near Milk Wood and the Shire to our attention. Joy!


MadSnapper said...

enchanted is right! the two countries i would put first on my list of traveling to see are England and Scotland. this took me to one of them today

Maura @ Kisiwa Creek Photography said...

Hello Jo! I did what you said and jumped over to Maddies blog and she's wonderful. I think I'll be following this lady...she's a hoot! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Maura

rjerdee said...

Sounds enchanting :) I'll visit right now.
Have a great weekend,

maddie said...

Hi there, a belated thank you for featuring me and my blogs. It's lovely to meet new people. I get a bit lonely sometimes, with just a computer, Indian runner ducks, country ladies and very strange friends... xx