Saturday, April 24, 2010

Planting Times

We planned a trip to the garden center yesterday, it always renews my spirit to see the different colored flowers and trees.
It seems like there are more varieties to choose from each year.
I put flowers out in stages, first the potting shed window boxes......

Next the flowerpots on the porch.

A variety of new trees, Willow, River Birch, and White Dogwoods.

White azaleas.

Several Kimberly Ferns.

New Knock -Out Roses.
Lots of digging to do, and 100 percent rain and thunderstorms forecast all day tomorrow.
Murphy's Law once again.


Unknown said...

I did the exact same thing today, I love gardening and I need to find some Ferns too!

Patsy said...

We had rain all night the flowers and grass look so pretty and green. We are going to get more storms this moning so get things planted because it is coming your way. Keep a look out on the sky today.

Carol Murdock said...

Hey Jo~ I'm catching up today! It's storming and nasty here and hear it's the same with you. I have to say you have the most BEAUTIFUL blog ever. It just makes you feel good to look at all your pictures! We still have 12 Azaleas in the greenhouse to plant and I have lots of seeds planted in flats to plant later. WHEW! Makes me tired thinking about it, we have worked for 2 weeks solid planting. XOXO

MadSnapper said...

the thunderstorm should get the ground all soft and soggy for your plants, hope it does not last long, they are so pretty and i know they are longing to be in your garden.

Carol said...

May your digging go well. All of the plants look lovely.

DJan said...

The rain is actually perfect for gardening. I know it's not much fun to work in the rain, but once the plants are in the ground, they just love it!

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

Oh, my! Isn't buying flowers and plants in the spring one of life's greatest pleasures? The reward for making it through a long, gray winter! Your goodies look wonderful!

Maura @ Kisiwa Creek Photography said...

Hello Jo! LOVE your potting shed and I'm looking forward to seeing all your new plants in your garden...It will be LOVELY! It all ready is but even better with your new plants. I hope you get a break in the weather soon so you can play in the garden. Take care.

Stella Jones said...

Well you are certainly getting the rain that you need in your area, if Knoxville is anything to go by.
We have a thunderstorm at this minute!
So glad you got a Willow tree to put in your garden. Don't forget to take a little piece of it to weave into your spring wreath, for luck!
Blessings, Star

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Visiting the nurseries always gives me a lift too--Even if I don't buy anything, I just enjoy looking at all the plants! Hope you've had a good weekend--Send some rain in our direction, we really could use it!

Bernideen said...

Just put a link on my blog to yours! Loved it here!