Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Sunday Repose

Walking around the garden today, it's almost impossible not to notice the difference in what just a couple of weeks make, in the prolific foliage growth.
Leaves and buds sprouting everywhere you turn.

We finally have a few live frogs living in the pond.

The grass has been mowed three times so far.

The garden gate is getting its annual covering of wild roses.

The First Sergeant spruced up an old garden bench with paint.
The Clematis is growing by leaps and bounds.

Hope you enjoyed a beautiful Spring day !


Natasha in Oz said...

I am glad to hear that the garden is looking beautiful and that you are feeling a little better. You are so sweet and patient! I am not sure I would have been as forgiving as you!

Best wishes and take care of yourself,

Kay said...

I just love the little froggy.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Jo, Hope you are feeling better today... Just getting outside and seeing the beauty all around is so special.... Your yard looks incredible. Your Clematis is WAY ahead of ours...

Love your bench... We need to paint ours also... Oh--so much to do this time of year.... Isn't is nice to see the leaves pop out on the trees????

Get yourself well.

donna baker said...

Jo, sounds like the first Sarge is enjoying retirement and I can't believe your clematis is growing like that in a pot. It's already surpassed all mine and they are in the ground. So glad your doing better.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Thank you, I am beginning to feel much better, still weak, but on the mend.
The garden is becoming this beautiful shade of bright green, everything looks more vibrant this Spring.

Kay: I have another pond pump, but enjoy the spouting frog the best :)

Betsy: I almost can't believe the difference in only three weeks, everything is just popping here.
I see there is frost warnings all around us, I hope people's gardens will be safe.

Donna: The First Sergeant has retired from the military, but still has full-time job right now.
He can't wait to hang up his spurs, and get in his work shop.
The clematis is actually plannted in the ground, the pot is just a way of being able to trim around the clematis without damaging. It is the top off a plant pot no bottom though.
Thank you for your kind well-wishes, I'm doing better.

Rebecca said...

We just returned through Tennessee from South and North Carolina vacation....of course we aren't as far along as you....but our clematis ARE growing. Sure wish I had some roses climbing the white gate! A few lilac flowers...soon the bush should be full.

I'm going back to the post to look at your potted clematis!

Maura @ Kisiwa Creek Photography said...

Good Morning Jo, I hope you're feeling better. Looks like spring is in full force at your house. We had a nice weekend here too and got lots done but I'll be glad when we're finally done the 'dirt work' and we can plant the grass. Your lawn looks lovely by the way! Have a wonderful Monday...take care of yourself. Maura

MadSnapper said...

there is no color so beautiful as the color of new green leaves on trees and bushes. it is a special spring green, these are beautiful and full of hope

maddie said...

The grass is green here, and my lovely wallflowers are coming out but the trees are still a bit slow. Lovely pics.

Unknown said...

Finaly !!!


jerilanders said...

The stone wall, the picket gate, the blue on the potting shed... all are so wonderfully Old World. So peaceful and lovely.
Glad you are no longer feeling poorly.... naughty cat!

DeniseinVA said...

Everywhere looks so lovely Jo. Hope you're feeling better today.

karen said...

The yard looks lovely. Spring is so pretty where you are.
I'm so glad you're feeling better. xo

2 Dogs said...

Everything looks so beautiful. Hope you are well. Hubby has had about 2 good weeks finally. Hopefully the diabetes is under control. There have been times I wasn't sure he was going to make it. Lots of hugs!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I don't know how things turned from brown to green so quickly--However or whenever it happened, you captured it perfectly!!! I hope you continue to feel better and your week is off to a good (and healthy) start!!

rjerdee said...

Ah, spring. Isn't it loverly?

Kim said...

Oh, Yes! Put the kettle on. I am happy to have found your blog while visiting Paula at Serendipity. Beautiful blog you have. Sorry about the bite...that happened to my boyfriend many years ago and his hand swelled like a inflated rubber glove. I don't recall him being sick though..but I rushed him to the Med-check and they gave him strong antibiotic. It's kinda dangerous but sounds like you are on the mend. I'll visit your blog often. Kim

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Rebecca: Thank you for stopping by, most folks around here have already exprienced lots of blooming around the garden, but now they are saying frost for several of the surrounding counties. I do hope people won't lose their gardens.

Maura@Lilac Lane Cottage: There is lots to do as we all know after a long sleepy winter. I work on Saturdays so my weekend doesn't start until Sunday, sometimes I feel as if the urge to do things has up and left, but I try....
Hope you had a lovely weekend too !

Sandra: So eloquently said. Your correct, everything does have a different look about it.

Maddie Grigg: I do hope the looming cloud of volcanic dust doesn't have a adverse effect on the growing season. I'm off to see what you've been up to at the Manor...

Snapper11; Yes....Finally ;)

Jeri Landers: Hi Jeri !
The First Sergeant (hubby) is the one to take credit for the rock walls and garden gates, bless him.
I have just noticed in the photo the potting shed does look blue, but it is actually a mossy green, must be the sunlight.

Denise: Still weak, but today (Monday) feeling much better. Ta. love ;)

Maggie's Garden: We are experiencing some cooler, perfect weather this past week, oh I wish it would stay just like this...perfect.

Patti Cakes : How lovely to hear from you ! I'm glad to hear that John is doing better, I know it is so worrying for you both.
I'll pop over to your place and see what's new !

~Kim~ I think it must turn as we sleep at night, because it almost seems like one day brown and the next

Becky at Abbeystyle: It is indeed a lovely time of the year, especially when all the perennials start popping up.

Kim: Welcome !
Yes, animal bites can be rather nasty, I've had my share over the years. I just need to be more cautious when handling Oliver in situations he's not comfortable in.
I will return the favor and visit your place. Thank you for stopping by.