Friday, April 30, 2010

Plans Postponed

I had planned for a day of digging on Sunday. Lots of new bulbs, and seeds sitting in egg cartons, just waiting their turn to be introduced into the warm, fertile soil.
It's forecast rain for most of the weekend, so unless I can plant between thunderstorms, they'll remain in their cozy little nests until fair weather prevails.

A treat from The First Sergeant : ' England's most favorite flower.'

I am keeping my fingers crossed they will look as beautiful as these...


Coffee Catholic said...

Oh! That reminds me: I have to dig the flower bed!

I'm an American in Britain. We are the reverse! :-)

Tuesday Weavers said...

I grew up in Canada where my parents had the most wonderful hollyhocks. I absolutely love them and lilacs! Have been down in TN a long time and we've never had any luck with hollyhocks. My lilacs have been alive for about 3 years and I had nice blooms on half of them. It's a challenge, but that's half the fun, right?! Good luck with yours.

DJan said...

They grow like weeds in the Pacific Northwest, and yes they are just beautiful. I look forward to seeing your Tennessee variety later this year.

Denise said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you too. What a lovely and thoughtful gift from the First Sergeant :)

bennie and patsy said...

We had storms in the night.Think it is to rain until Monday.I did plant in that high wind yesterday.I have hollyhocks this year they are a mix like your.
Happy May Day,

Sunny said...

It seems that every time I start to dig, dark clouds gather. The other day, I continued through the light rain and felt like a kid playing in a mud puddle! Let's hope Mother Nature cooperates.
Sunny :)
I hope this comment posts, I have been having a problem with comments not showing, I hope it has been resolved.
Sunny :)

Sandra said...

I know they will be beautiful, as are all the flowers you plant. I would love to have a yard full of them growing like weeds. I also LOVE weeds, all kinds of them. i need to get out to Emerson Point and see which flowering weeds are blooming.

Peggy Montano & Paintings said...

I love hollyhocks! They never do well for me. Sure do love this picture with them in front of the window. It would make a great painting.

Barbara Anne said...

Oh, a rainy Sunday is the perfect chance for serene reading! Hope you enjoy this gift of time.

Your 1st Sargent is a keeper! What a loving and thoughtful gift for his sweetie. May these hollyhocks flourish in your garden the summer long!

Please pass the rain along to us. Thank you!


Maddie Grigg said...

I just LOVE hollyhocks. I've just planted a climbing rose at the front of the Grigg hovel. The wallflowers and tulips at the moment are just divine. Beautiful.

Bernideen said...

oh how we love those hollihocks - I see 2 coming up in my yard. They never bloomed last year so hopefully thistime! My favorite is actually FOXGLOVES-similar but I only see maybe 5 coming up out of 12 or so. They were perenial ones but Colorado weather so so severe! I look forward to following your progress!

Star said...

Lovely and hollyhocks smell so gorgeous, don't they. It takes you back to your childhood, so it does. I planted some Sweet Williams today and yesterday I put some overlarge marigold seedlings into their own pots. Lots and lots of fun. I love it. No planting though. We're going to get a helluva lot of rain, so it seems.
Blessings, Star