Friday, September 15, 2023


The lack of rain in our fair city is causing the pastures to turn yellow.

The trees are stressed beyond measure, and I fear there will be a lot of replanting taking place in the early spring.
Burn bans have been issued across the state, but a careless cigarette tossed from a car window, can ignite a field fire and destroy hundreds of acres, in the process.

There is a stillness in the air, a slowing-down of sorts.
Nights are closing in fast, and darkness falls before the clock strikes seven thirty..
Candlelight glows.


L. D. said...

The drought is bringing fall to come so early. My cousin in St. Louis says they have had a tough summer with their gardens. I would thing the passing hurricane would help your weather patterns but I guess it is too far out off the shore.

local alien said...

Heavens, I thought the wet season would have started by now. We have had rain, far too much in some places. The earth has greened a little.
I hope everyone is very careful with cigarettes and all fire starters. Some people can be so stupid and all it needs is a spark.
Hope you all stay safe and get some rain

Heritage Hall said...

Your words create the perfect accompaniment to your pictures, Jo.
Prayers that the earth will be quenched soon to avoid any fires.

happyone said...

Beautiful photos!!!