Monday, March 20, 2023

Spring Returns

 Hello Spring, we've been waiting for you..... your healing sunshine is desperately needed.

The Robins have returned, a sure sign you have arrived.

Our days have warmed up nicely.
New grass and flowers are beginning their journey to awaken.
Songbirds have returned, and there's a nightly croaking of a frog heard at the tiny pond.
Springtime appears.


Flowers are budding
Birds are nesting
Bunnies are hopping
Frogs are croaking



Jon said...

What beautiful photos for the arrival of spring! I especially like the robin.
Unfortunately, there is no sign of spring in my area of Tennessee. The temperature dropped to 13 degrees (Fahrenheit) last night with heavy frost.
Warmer weather is predicted by the end of this week - - and I can't wait!

Welcome to spring!

It' said...

So wonderful to see all that greenery and flowers. We had a snow shower a few days ago, with just a tiny bit left in the shady spots. Everything is budding though!

Wally Bell said...

Spring is pushing its nose tentatively through the door on Vashon. The saffron crocuses are the bravest so far.. My journey will be starting soon and will take me through Tennessee maybe by May. I can't wait

L. D. said...

Your green is definitely a sign of spring. Your daffodils are wonderful. I always smile when I see the rabbit sculpture.