Saturday, April 4, 2020


There is so much work to do, after a long winter's nap..
Fluffing and cutting and general sweeping away winter's dust and grime.
The lawns get their first mowing of the Spring season, but I'm resisting the urge to plant flowers until more stable warm weather arrives, since covering plants with white sheets every night, becomes a chore in itself.
We're hoping all the freeze-warnings will soon be a thing of the past, and we can soon return to the outdoors.
I know of two sweet kitties, who are just busting at the seams to join us.


Were I to live a thousand years
I still would know that flaming thrill,
That rush of joy when first appears —the golden daffodil.

A thousand times my heart would sing
When purple irises unfold;
Or when forsythia's branches bring
Their dazzling showers of gold.

I could not see an almond tree
With branches all a rosy glow
But that a tide of ecstasy
would through my being flow.

Were I to see, a thousand times,
Blue scilla bells amid green grass,
I know I'd hear their fairy chimes
As I would pass.

Were I to live a thousand years
I'd never watch the nesting birds
Except through eyes bedimmed with tears,
My tongue bereft of words.

Were I to weave ten thousand lays,
Knew I a thousand songs to sing,
I still would lack the power to praise
—the miracle of Spring.

Silver Lining ~Wilhelmina Sitch 1888


Anita said...

ohh so beautiful and well said.I love Your cats you know that :)


The Feminine Energy said...

Pretty-pretty, Jo! And yes, it IS easy to "jump the gun", isn't it... and plant too early. We're always so sure that the cold has passed and then *BAM*, a cold snap we get. I planted tomatoes way too early last year and had to cover them with cake preserver lids every night or seemingly every night for weeks! Of course we had a very snowy spring last year. It seemed the snow & cold would never leave us. I think I'll forego my tomato plants this year, as it was such a miserable experience last year. I'll leave the tomato growing to the farmers this time around. :-) Hope all is well & you are safe. Love, Andrea xoxo

jo(e) said...

Ah, so gorgeous!

Edna B said...

Such lucky kitty kats to have this beautiful yard to romp through. Those first blossoms really are the prettiest. They bring such hope to us. You stay safe and have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Henny Penny said...

That poem describes exactly my feelings about spring...wish I could speak what's in my heart that way. Your pictures are so pretty.

Janet @ My Miniature Donkeys said...

Where are you getting your plants to plant??

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Janet: I won't be getting any annuals if we are still on lock-down mode. I'm hoping my perennials will all give some color, and not taking any chances.
Stay well !

Marcheline said...

Every few days, I send a poem to my mother, who lives far away from me. I am borrowing this lovely poem to send her today - thank you! And I am absolutely blown away by your mushroom photo... how awesome is THAT?