Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Hobbit Days

Goodness the weather has turned cold and damp.
The wind has howled, and temperatures dropping to a wintry mix later tomorrow.
The town is full of sickness, colds, flu and lots of pneumonia, I've been trying to stay home as much as possible, since I tend to be one of those 'susceptible to bronchitis' types.

I made a hearty homemade beef stew today, chocked full of vegetables, with an aromatic tomato base, and spices.
It's a Southern recipe, easy, and delicious.

Always best accompanied by a skillet of buttermilk cornbread. Or a hearty loaf of crusty bread.

Nothing fancy, just basic Beef and Vegetable Stew.
One and a half pound of stew beef, or hamburger meat
A large onion chopped
Two ribs of sliced celery
Cut up potatoes
Sliced carrots
A large can of whole peeled tomatoes chopped up in bite sized pieces
Can of chili beans with the sauce
Can of sliced green beans
Can of peas
Can of corn if I have it.
Beef or vegetable stock
Chili powder
Bay leaves (2)
Garlic powder
Parsley fresh
Salt and Pepper to taste
Most anything you like to throw in the pot....sometimes I add cabbage.

Southern Cornbread
1 1/4 cups of buttermilk or milk
1/4 cup of vegetable oil or solid shortening (melt if solid shortening)
2 cups of buttermilk cornmeal mix
1 ounce of melted butter
1 beaten egg
Oven temp 425 degrees

Place a cast iron skillet, or cake pan with a small amount of shortening inside the oven until the shortening melts and pan is hot.
Add mixture, bake for 15 / 20 minutes until golden brown



local alien said...

Oh how wonderful that sounds! Eat hearty and keep healthy!

Carol Henstra said...

My Hubby made spit pea soup. Yummy.

Yours looks yummy too your stew.

We have the same cold here and snow.

I like the touch of the fire.

My hubby used to make fireplaces for a Living. Now we are retired in a senior home with lots of wonderful people and shuffle board game, cards to keep us all occupied. Bingo. This Sat we have our Christmas sale.

Deb said...

Good food = good health. Enjoy your meals and stay away from the sickos. :-)
It will be -18C tonight here in Ontario. Winter is here. :-(

Susie said...

Jo, The perfect supper for cold wintry day. Gosh, Our pharmacist said flu was all over. I have a cold and hope I can contain it till my husband gets his heart cath this week. I sure do not want him getting it. Stay warm and healthy. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Henny Penny said...

Oh my gosh, I might just sit here a while and watch the fire and think about how good that soup looks. And that cornbread!! All three are perfect for this cold wet weather. We have had four inches of rain since yesterday.

Collie222 said...

I love your posts, they always make me want to come live with you!

Winifred said...

That all looks good.

Is there a UK equivalent of buttermilk cornmeal mix? I fancy making that Southern corn bread.

Hope you avoid any nasty colds & coughs. Had my flu jab despite the over 65 flu strain jab shortage in some places.

Kathy said...

That stew looks delicious and makes me think I should be making one soon. The one I make is very much like yours. It sure is cold and nasty around here. I'd like to be sitting beside that fire.

The Feminine Energy said...

These types of recipes are the ones that every country, every area, and every nationality lay claim to. You call it "southern" and my mother would have called it "Hungarian" and my mother-in-law would have called it "farmers". And in all its names, it's always delicious!! Love, Andrea xoxo

Lowcarb team member said...

I just love the fire …

Your recipe looks and sounds delicious.

All the best Jan

Annie said...

Oh.. delicious!

L. D. said...

I grew up on hearty roast beef. My mom loved to make it and I think eat it too. We had simple cornbread which I put lots of butter and large amounts of jelly.

Cindy H said...

What a lovely blog! And a perfect one to read as the fall sets in and soup appears often for dinner. And a cup of Prince of Wales before bed will top off my day.