Monday, July 30, 2018


We haven't had a significant rainfall in over a month now.
The trees are showing stress.
Our water bill has tripled, but we figure it's cheaper than having to replace shrubs and trees.
Hopefully, this week we will be treated to a downpour, fingers crossed !


Betsy Brock said...

We have rain....wish I could send you some!

Donna OShaughnessy said...

Dry here too. We have our own well but its not very deep so we water sparingly as livestock and people have to come first. I have been "sneaking" water to my sweet corn though. I put too much effort planting and weeding it to let it die!

DJan said...

We are dry as a bone and expected to stay that way for awhile. :-(

Karen said...

We've had rain and more rain, with more rain to come tomorrow. Hope you get relief soon - I hate to see the trees, shrubs and flowers drooping.

Susie said...

Jo, We got over an inch of rain this Monday. We sure needed it...more to come the next two days. Hope you get enough to bring the trees, shrubs and lawn back to good green health. Blessings, xoxo, Susie