Friday, July 14, 2017

Retail Therapy

What a fun day yesterday.
Spending some much needed girl-time together with my granddaughter.
We ran errands, and shopped at our favorite little boutique store.
Late in the afternoon, we finished with a lovely meal at the local Cracker Barrel restaurant.
The little boutique caters to farmhouse style decorating, always stocked to the hilt, I could wander around there for hours.
Here are a few of my favorite things........

Sweet Little Down Pillows

Live Boxwood Wreaths

Robin's Egg Blue Enamelware

Whimsical Tea Towels

Enamelware Canisters

Pretty Little Measuring Cups

Flower Selections

French Crocks

Primitive Light Fixtures

Tea Pitchers


Milk Jugs 
Tea Sippers


Henny Penny said...

I would love that store! It is so hard to choose one item to buy in a shop like that. Everything is so cute. I'm glad you had a day with your granddaughter.

donna baker said...

I hope you were able to resist. I try to shop less now, but I'm sure you had a good time. It is too tempting for me and I still have a houseful to get rid of, but I can always find something.

DJan said...

Nice pictures, making me glad you took such care with them and shared them with me. It looks like it was a wonderful day. :-)

Kathy said...

I love Cracker Barrel, both the food and the store. It's so hard to resist buying anything. Usually I give in. Glad you had such a great day with your granddaughter.

Patsy said...

It is fun to look when we go, I need to get The Bennie that
Cat treat can. He buys treats for our next door neighbor's two cats.
And they are cluttering my counter top space.
Happy you had a good day.

annie said...

Oooo.. I want to shop there!

Susie said...

Jo, I loved seeing the wares in one of your favorite stores. Time spent with daughters or granddaughters is wonderful. I know that did your heart good. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Terry said...

Just in case you were wondering - I'm still here.

L. D. said...

This is such a unique and interesting shop. I would really enjoy shopping there