Wednesday, January 4, 2017


I am well and truly in the 'nesting' phase of winter.
Is it even decent to allow the days to just roll on by, without a sense of accomplishment, or the tick of a list.
The Christmas decorations are taken down at least, although I tend to leave the table decorated for a few more weeks of color.

There are whispers of the "S" word  in the grapevine, so I'll leave the winter dishes in place.

The house looks so bare without all the Christmas excess, it's funny how you get used to all the baubles and lights.
It's a candle-lighting, book-reading, tea-drinking kind of night.
Enjoy yours !


Donna OShaughnessy said...

We are certainly enjoying the fire of our rocket mass stove tonight, so bitter cold in Illinois. We still have livestock to care for two-three times a day but like you we do enjoy the nesting that goes on in winter. I have many projects planned like organizing twenty years of photos, but I'll get to it tomorrow, or the next day. First, a hot toddy.

The Furry Gnome said...

Well, it's a lot more than a whisper of the "S' word here - about 2.5 feet on the level. And I'm tired of nesting; I want to get out! Those skkiis and snowshoes are waiting!

Stella Jones said...

Oh yes, I quite agree Jo. Here too... Today I intended to take down the decorations, but I didn't quite manage it, not yet at least. It is very cold outside and I need all the comfort I can get, so maybe Sunday! The tree looks so pretty, I can't bear to part with it yet!

Your dishes and plates etc. etc. look so gorgeous and warming. Can I come to tea?

Unknown said...

Nothing wrong with nesting! It's good for us to slow down every now and then. Enjoy! I hope ya'll get snow. I miss seeing the calm of white covering the ground and trees. Living in Central Texas, we just don't see it. I'm so ready to get back home...hopefully, this year. Kentucky or Tennessee...either is good for me. My husband is retired military, but we still aren't home. This is the year!!! (prayers).

Betsy Brock said...

What lovely winter thoughts. I do love winter! Nights are perfect for cozying and tea drinking!

DJan said...

I'll be going out in chilly blue skies today, down to beautiful Deception Pass. I'll be ready for the cold, but no "S" around here until the weekend. :-)

Anonymous said...

Seems I lost my blog somehow, not of my doing. Luckily I periodically save my blog code so at least I had that but I couldn't get my blog name back up so:
Hugs for now from snowy New Hampshire and hoping you have a Spectacular New Year!!!
Beth P

Beside a babbling brook... said...

You have Wisdom. Winter is truly nesting time. Both "inside" ourselves, and "outside"... "Outside" meaning, our surroundings.

I can't do with taking all the decorations down yet. Perhaps the little table tree... But the mantle, and the lit garland around a mirror... Nope, not yet.

But we each do it, according to our own preference. :-) Which is perfect.

May we all "nest-away" at this time of year!

Nesting blessings,
Luna Crone

Beside a babbling brook... said...

I need to say.... How perfectly beautiful your blog is!

Not everyone can "pull off" a black background. The photos must be amazing, in so many ways.

But you my Dear, "pull it off"!!!!!!!!

Luna Crone

Henny Penny said...

"Nesting" sounds so cozy and perfect for these cold days. We have been hearing about the coming snow for a few days now too...enough to get all the school children excited. Trouble is, the weather people are usually wrong when it comes to snow and everyone ends up disappointed. Your table is so beautiful. I would have to leave it a while longer too. Jane Eyre, my favorite book and favorite movie.