Monday, January 9, 2017

Flowers In Winter


How strange to greet, this frosty morn,
In graceful counterfeit of flower,
These children of the meadows, born
Of sunshine and of showers!

How well the conscious wood retains
The pictures of its flower-sown home,
The lights and shades, the purple stains,
And golden hues of bloom!

It was a happy thought to bring
To the dark season's frost and rime
This painted memory of spring,
This dream of summertime.

Flowers In Winter ~ John Greenleaf



local alien said...

Beautiful poetry once again. Thanks for your sharing

Beside a babbling brook... said...

We both, seem to have "dreams of summer time," in our blog posts, today. :-)

Luna Crone

Patsy said...

Me I dream of Spring, Lovely poetry and photo.
How about this weather it is going up in the 40's
today and rain, 60's next week and rain all week.
Hows that for if you don't like the weather just wait.
Only in the south.

Betsy Brock said...

We both have winter flowers on our minds! :)

L. D. said...

I always enjoy seeing this window. It is so special and beautiful.