Monday, April 4, 2016


As part of my Occupational Therapy everyday, I clean house, and cook. Do you know how limiting it is to carry out chores whilst seated in a wheelchair ?
I've become frustrated more than once I can tell you.
Thanks to my Swiffer duster on a long handle, I can dust 'til the cows come home......everything in sight, including the cats.

My dearest has been mowing and putting the place to rights after a long winter's nap. Everywhere I look, there are shoots popping up out of the ground.
The closest I come to feeling the grass between my toes, is looking through the porch door, and inhaling the scent of freshly cut lawn.

Real optimism is aware of problems but recognizes solutions;
Knows about difficulties but believes they can be overcome;
Sees the negatives, but accentuates the positives;
Is exposed to the worst but expects the best;
Has reason to complain, but chooses to smile.

~William Arthur Ward


Nellie said...

I've been very haphazard about my blog visiting. It's good to hear that you are home! Love that Swiffer!! I'm sure the cats love it, too.:-). Sending wishes for your continued improvement.

donna baker said...

You're a better person than me dearest Jo. Bet that grass smelled wonderful.

Betsy Brock said...

Well, at least you have a gorgeous screen door to look through!
I know your recovery feels like it's just inching along! The things
we take for granted, huh! We've had snow blowing through this weekend...our grass is greening up, though and things are trying to bloom!

The Furry Gnome said...

Hope you're out of that wheelchair soon!

Janneke said...

I can imagine you hate it to sit and wait, glad you have your Swiffer duster on a handle, haha, it will be ever so clean. But it's nice spring is there again and anyway you can smell the fresh cut green grass of home.
Best wishes from Janneke

Cass @ That Old House said...

I've been away from blogging for a year, and just returned... began checking my blog list to catch up and find you in a wheelchair hunting dust bunnies with a vengeance!

That must have been one horrible, epic fall you took. How awful. I wish you a full recovery, and a chance soon to feel the morning dew on your feet as you walk on your fresh new grass.

I am glad you are continuing to blog; that's an inspiration to me. And .. yours is among the loveliest that I follow.

All best wishes for getting well SOON,

Henny Penny said...

Glad you got the Swiffer duster! I can just picture you giving Oliver Cat and Tom Tilly a little dusting across the back. They probably want to play with the duster. It must be so hard to sit in that wheelchair when there is so much you want to do. The days are quickly've come a long ways. I sure think about you Jo. I certainly need to remember those words you posted about optimism. Poppy says he is sick of buying the groceries around here.

Country Gal said...

Yup gotta love the swifter products wheel chair ot not which I hope your out of soon and actually dip your toes in the lush grass , I love the smell of fresh cut grass . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

Susie said...

Jo, I used to tease my daughters about spraying the cat with en-dust and chasing him thru the house so it would get dusted. LOL. You may have to ask a friend to help you, nothing wrong with that. Don't despair, take the time to heal properly. Blessings to you, maybe it will get warm enough you could at least sit out on your sweet porch. xoxo,Susie

Hilary said...

You can do this. It won't last forever....and look how far you've come.

ann said...

How long will you be in the wheel chair. Dreadful. But at least you are home again. Optimism and patience are the best tools. I love your blooming trees, especially the red bud. I am hoping that my red bud blooms. It is small, but if it blooms I will jump with joy. Keep healing.

L. D. said...

After we get used to the grass from early spring, it can get to be less interesting. Allergies and insects can be a problem. But I do hope you can be closer than just looking through the screen doors. Get Well soon.

Kathy said...

I'm glad to hear you are doing so well. My friend who had the same break as yours is not as far along and is going crazy just sitting in a chair. She, like you, is always doing something. It must be very hard. Hope you continue to heal quickly.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Your getting better everyday!