Saturday, March 7, 2015

Spring Forward

What a difference a day makes.
Yesterday the ground was blanketed in snow, today we are blessed with blue skies and sunshine.
The snow melted, and I was able to run a few much-needed errands.
Our little town was once again alive and bustling.


Tonight our annual clock fiddling takes place once again.
An hour forward to Daylight Savings Time, payback for that extra hour of sleep, we enjoyed so much back in November.

I'm feeling the urge to start digging in the soil, but I know that March can be a fickle month. One minute the sun warming your face, the next, the wind cutting you in two.
 I did however buy a pair of new porch cushions today, all flowery and pleasing to the eye, they remind me that Spring is not too far away. 



donna baker said...

Oh I do love those cushions.

Betsy Brock said...

It will take a few days for our snow to melt but it should be warm enough through next week! I'm not looking forward to how early getting up tomorrow will seem, though!

Nellie said...

I am not very excited about changing the clocks! We had sunshine here all day, with temps even reaching the low sixties this afternoon. No sign of sleet or snow remains. We must not become too excited, though. March is indeed a fickle month.:)

Janneke said...

In our country the clock changes next month. Your new cushions for the porch are so nice, I love rose patterns.

DJan said...

I am also not a fan of clock fiddling. But spring is definitely here in my part of the world, and I'm glad it's finally beginning to spread eastward! :-)

Winifred said...

Lovely to hear your weather is improving Jo.
I was out this afternoon at the side of the house cutting down all the horrible weeds & trees that have been growing for the past year. My husband hates gardening & I hate the heavy stuff but it was so mild today once I started I just kept going.
Roll on spring!

Michael said...

I have to say, Jo, that is one thing I certainly miss-- mucking about in my own garden. Just containers for now with out little townhome.

Sounds like your weatehr is much like ours today. So nice to have Spring truly arrive. As such, I was sure to have some daffodils to put in our vase by the couch. So lovely.

hope you are well.
BTw, started a new blog, should you ever care to pop by:


L. D. said...

I really like the weather vane. It is something that we never see in our region.